Chapina. Inquisitive mind. Visual individual. Origamist. Musicals aficionado.

Carol Bono is the Visuals and Interactives Editor for EducationNC. She grew up in Guatemala, where she graduated from Universidad Rafael Landívar with a major in Communication Sciences focused on Communication for Development. During her undergraduate studies, she worked as a student research assistant for the Director of the Humanistic Studies Institute. It was here that her interest for research developed into a professional goal: to create multimedia narratives of high caliber with a firm research grounding.

Following graduation, she continued working at the Institute, this time as webmaster and communications administrator of the Web platform “Guatemala: Memoria Viva” (Guatemala: Living Memory). The aim of this website is to become part of teachers’ syllabi as a dynamic educational tool that offers an uncensored telling of Guatemala’s history. Throughout this time, she also worked as a teaching assistant in several courses, progressively turning teaching into one of her career goals. These courses include: Alternative Television, Communication Debates II – Strategic Planning Scenarios, Diversity and Cultures in Guatemala, and Applied Semiotics.

She earned her M.A. in Mass Communication with a focus on Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While there, she was part of the team that produced the award-winning animation of Dorothy Vaughan for the Morehead Planetarium and Science Center’s “Hidden Stories” series. She was also the News Director for Carolina Now and Carolina Ahora, two daily 5-minute news shows that go live on Facebook. She guided more than 40 students through the process of broadcast production, while she also assigned and distributed tasks as necessary to meet the overall team efficiency.

Prior to working at EducationNC, she worked as a commercial producer at CW22|MyRDC in Raleigh. During this time, she produced several episodes of “Community Matters,” a 30-minute public affairs show in which members of the community discuss relevant issues for the Triangle area. Some of the topics she covered were: Operation Sidekick, SPARKcon, Composting, Durham Public Schools Foundation, Vaccines, and Public Health.

She currently lives in Durham, where she is learning and appreciating what North Carolina has to offer.

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