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EdNC is a nonprofit, online, daily, independent newspaper. All of EdNC’s content is open source and free to republish. Please use the following guidelines when republishing our content.

  • Our content must be republished in full. If your organization uses a paywall, the content must be provided in full for free.
  • Credit our team by including both the author name and in the byline. Example: Alex Granados,
  • If republishing the story online, please provide a link to or a link to the original article in either the byline or credit line.
  • The original headline of the article must be used. Allowable edits to the content of the piece include changes to meet your publication’s style guide and references to dates (i.e. this week changed to last week). Other edits must be approved by emailing Anna Pogarcic at
  • Photos and other multimedia elements (audio, video, etc.)  may not be republished without prior permission. Please email Anna Pogarcic at if you are interested in sharing a multimedia element.
  • If you republish a story, please let us know by emailing Anna Pogarcic at

Please email Anna Pogarcic at if you have any questions.