Four things you should know from this week’s early childhood council meeting

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Cease and desist: What’s with all the legal challenges to education criticism?

How should NC education change to provide equal access? The Leandro commission hones its proposals

How will educator prep programs be graded and sanctioned?


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The robots are coming, plus an update on the budget process.

NC STEM Center e-update: NC ‘Family Code Night’ plans coming soon

Podcast | What’s next for James Ford and CREED, the Center for Racial Equity in Education

In the latest episode of EdTalk, host Alex Granados talks with James Ford, executive director of the Center for Racial Equity and Education (CREED). CREED is releasing two reports examining equity in North Carolina, and content related to them is being released on EducationNC throughout August. In this episode, Ford looks at the influence of race on achievement indicators, like end-of-course and end-of-grade test scores, and looks forward to the work of his new organization, CREED. … Listen now »

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Mapping the 2017-18 school report cards

This fall, we’re back to school and back to mapping school grades after a two-year hiatus. Former features on Consider It Mapped covered grades from the 2013-14, 2014-15, and 2015-16 school years and the controversy over the equations used to derive the grades. This year, we’re expanding the functionality of the map and accompanying data visualization with a number of filters so users can play out different scenarios, pulling information for like districts and schools.… Full story »

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Perspective | First in Future: Chairman of the Centralina Workforce Board, Reinaldo Panico Peres Perspective

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Federal grant aids school safety efforts in NC schools

Registered apprentice contests at NC State Fair begin Oct. 21

Four NC teachers receive national math/science award