NC STEM Center e-Update: Four receive first Dr. Samuel Houston Leadership Awards

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Superintendent Mark Johnson issues challenge to encourage survey participation

House Select Committee on School Safety hears from experts during first meeting

Tennessee’s ‘Education Governor’ Bill Haslam says public education provides opportunity

Innovative School District Superintendent Eric Hall recommends Robeson School Operator

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Reach NC Voices

Talking about civility

A recent Pew Research study shows Americans are more divided than ever. Do you find it difficult to talk with coworkers, family or friends who may not share your opinions? We want to hear about your experience and how you handle civil discourse. 

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EdTalk Podcast

How will charter-like flexibility change North Carolina education?

In the latest episode of EdTalk, host Alex Granados talks with Ann McColl, the CEO of The Innovation Project. They talk about Restart schools and how their charter-like flexibility could impact the future of North Carolina education. This podcast is part of a series running this week on Restart schools. … Listen now »

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Consider It Mapped

North Carolina’s teacher and student demographics

In the lead-up to this year’s election, demographics — gender, race, and ethnicity — have been a big part of the conversation; these factors often impact opinions about issues and, ultimately, the way that people vote. It sometimes feels like you can’t turn on the news today without hearing a story connected to race and/or gender.… Full story »

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  • Reflecting planning laughing by the Albemarle Sound for our staff
  • This is my second time watching Gwanetta Revis teach It
  • At CokerWimberly Elementary today checking out the innovative practices going
  • Students at Walter M Williams High School in Burlington participate
  • In Raleigh today rtpfrontier  reachncvoices director carolinebparker workingwerking! EdNC
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction Mark Johnson announces DPIs 200 allotment

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Timing of SNAP benefits affects children’s test grades

North Carolina kids to ‘kick butts’ on March 21

NC Department of Public Instruction joins with NC Businesses for Students@Work℠ Week