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From criminal justice to the classroom: Carrie Miller of Greene County

Students didn’t just build their futures at this early college. They helped build the school.

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Universal pre-K means more gains for all children, a study finds. What does that mean for North Carolina?

School psychologists do a lot for students. Why do we have a shortage of them?

Superintendent Mark Johnson will run for Lt. Gov., so who’s running for superintendent?


NC STEM Center e-update: North Carolina receives STEMx Challenge Grant

Podcast | What’s next for James Ford and CREED, the Center for Racial Equity in Education

In the latest episode of EdTalk, host Alex Granados talks with James Ford, executive director of the Center for Racial Equity and Education (CREED). CREED is releasing two reports examining equity in North Carolina, and content related to them is being released on EducationNC throughout August. In this episode, Ford looks at the influence of race on achievement indicators, like end-of-course and end-of-grade test scores, and looks forward to the work of his new organization, CREED. … Listen now »

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Mapping the 2018-19 school report cards

The NC Department of Public Instruction (NC DPI) released school performance grades in September, and an update of previous maps in the Consider It Mapped series on the topic reveals that the overall distribution of As, Bs, Cs, Ds, and Fs is similar to last year’s, even with changes to the measures included in this year’s formula.… Full story »

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Hiller A. Spires named executive director of the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation and associate dean

Marisa Bryant joins Public School Forum of North Carolina as Director of Development

Learning for Equity: A Network for Solutions — call for letters of interest