The importance of data in public education

Super substitutes: How Cumberland County uses its “options” program to recruit teachers

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Supreme Court grants stay in State Board lawsuit against Superintendent Johnson

Debate over charter and private school accountability continues hometown series

A series on charter schools from The News and Observer

Charter Advisory Board recommends revocation of Heritage Collegiate’s charter


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The results are in – How did Pasquotank High School students vote?

Raleigh Charter students cast their ballots using First Vote NC

First Vote NC nominated for 2017 Civvy Award

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Teachers: Share your thoughts on class size

Earlier this year, the state passed a law putting caps on the size of K-3 classrooms. But, these requirements have been delayed by one year. In the future, the legislature is expected to address the issue of class size once again.

Teachers, we want to hear from you about class size. How many students are in your classroom? What do you think has the greatest effect on student achievement? Share your thoughts here (it should only take 5-10 minutes)

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What does Singapore math look like in Singapore: “It’s just maths”

NC STEM Center e-Update: 15 reasons why STEM is good

NII invests in EducationNC: Weaving civic dialogue and engagement into our reporting

NC STEM Center e-update: North Carolina applies for ESSA funding

EdTalk Podcast

The importance of data in public education

Host Alex Granados talks with Trip Stallings, director of policy research at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, about the importance of data in public education. They discuss how the use of data has changed over time, how it can be most effectively utilized in public education, and what the future holds. … Listen now »

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North Carolina’s teacher and student demographics

In the lead-up to this year’s election, demographics — gender, race, and ethnicity — have been a big part of the conversation; these factors often impact opinions about issues and, ultimately, the way that people vote. It sometimes feels like you can’t turn on the news today without hearing a story connected to race and/or gender.… Full story »

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Public School Forum of North Carolina urges Congress to protect young immigrants affected by decision to end DACA

WakeEd Partnership honored with US2020 STEM mentoring award

North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching opens registration