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If they can see it, they can achieve it: Grounding schools in high expectations, equity, and opportunity

NC STEM Center e-Update: Applications now open for BWF CASMT grants

Republican lawmakers budget $35 million for school safety

Democratic lawmakers make pitch for safer schools

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FCC Chair Pai marks achievement of Internet in every NC classroom

CMS School Board leaders, lawmakers, come out against town charter bill

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Ann Goodnight declared ‘North Carolina’s No. 1 citizen and leader for education for all time to come’

Reach Results: Which education issue is most crucial for the General Assembly to address in the legislative session?

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Out of LA: A conversation with South Carolina education writer Paul Hyde

Teacher pay and school choice are important issues in both South Carolina and North Carolina, but there are differences in the discussions around these topics In South Carolina, there is debate over teacher salaries not being targeted enough at beginning teachers; In North Carolina, there is a concern that veteran teachers are being left behind South Carolina has fewer than 50 charter schools, even though school choice has many proponents.… Listen now »

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North Carolina’s teacher and student demographics

In the lead-up to this year’s election, demographics — gender, race, and ethnicity — have been a big part of the conversation; these factors often impact opinions about issues and, ultimately, the way that people vote. It sometimes feels like you can’t turn on the news today without hearing a story connected to race and/or gender.… Full story »

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myFutureNC blog series: Listening sessions position myFutureNC to capitalize on local success myFutureNC

  • Gov Cooper is visiting STEM campers at the Charlotte Motor
  • Reflecting planning laughing by the Albemarle Sound for our staff
  • This is my second time watching Gwanetta Revis teach It
  • At CokerWimberly Elementary today checking out the innovative practices going
  • Students at Walter M Williams High School in Burlington participate
  • In Raleigh today rtpfrontier  reachncvoices director carolinebparker workingwerking! EdNC

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Blue Cross NC to help eliminate school lunch debt in Piedmont

Superintendent Mark Johnson Teacher Appreciation Day video