Questions of process plague education appropriations committee

Bill opening up career paths for teachers passes Senate committee

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Weekly Wrap: House budget

Bill in Senate committee gives more options for teacher career pathway

Funding cuts to Department of Public Instruction in question

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Institute for Emerging Issues conference talks importance of rural faith communities

EdTalk Podcast

Talking with the head of the Achievement School District

The Achievement School District bill passed during the 2016 General Assembly short session. At the heart of the legislation is the creation of a district, which will include five low-performing schools from around the state. The schools — yet to be named — could be turned over to for-profit charter operators. … Listen now »

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Consider It Mapped

North Carolina’s teacher and student demographics

In the lead-up to this year’s election, demographics — gender, race, and ethnicity — have been a big part of the conversation; these factors often impact opinions about issues and, ultimately, the way that people vote. It sometimes feels like you can’t turn on the news today without hearing a story connected to race and/or gender.… Full story »

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Yard signs ‘surprise’ students, parents, neighbors

Gaston Teacher wins $25,000 national teaching award

Eastern NC Educators invited to attend free teacher leadership symposium