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Book Harvest’s Book Babies: Unleashing parent leadership at birth could lead to a lifetime of benefits

Parents for Education Freedom in North Carolina host Education Savings Account session

Teachers work second jobs to make ends meet

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Career Pathways give students new opportunities

New commission works on teacher preparation guidelines, standards

Virtual charter school seeks more funding, permanent status

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Reach NC Voices

How do you get information in your community?

Reach NC Voices is researching how you receive and distribute information in your community so we can provide you with information you care about. Who do you trust in your community to provide you with news and information? Let us know!

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The youth vote: What do North Carolina’s young people think about local issues?

Results: How did students vote in the November 2017 local elections?

EdTalk Podcast

The importance of early childhood education

Host Alex Granados talks with Tracy Zimmerman, executive director of the North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation about the importance of early childhood education, how the state’s emphasis on early childhood is changing, and what the future holds for our youngest learners. … Listen now »

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Consider It Mapped

North Carolina’s teacher and student demographics

In the lead-up to this year’s election, demographics — gender, race, and ethnicity — have been a big part of the conversation; these factors often impact opinions about issues and, ultimately, the way that people vote. It sometimes feels like you can’t turn on the news today without hearing a story connected to race and/or gender.… Full story »

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Real education reform happens in classrooms NCAE

  • The real reasons so many young people cant write wellhellip
  • reachNCvoices visits with rcccedu today! Great to see how manyhellip
  • Wonderful tour of randolphcommunitycollege We were able to see whathellip
  • We had a great time at ECET2NC this weekend! Wehellip
  • Glencoe Mills Textile Museum LoveNC
  • Had a great visit at East Bend Elementary! LoveNC

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Four turnaround schools report initial progress

New grant to impact STEM career awareness and selection

2017 Friday Medal honors seven innovative rural North Carolina superintendents