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Guarding and maintaining NC’s constitutional right to education: ‘The future of the state hangs in the balance’

Leandro report released: What it will take for NC children to receive sound, basic education

Commission moves forward with new rules for educator preparation programs

What will happen with student transfers in the future?

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Ruling questions Istation selection process, but you may still find the tool in NC classrooms for now

7 takeaways in education news this week: Istation, learning disability policy, and State Board

Moving from privilege to Title I schools: Ashley Luersman of Moore County


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Former Secretary of Education: If we fail to teach students of color, we have no future

NC takes the lead on intentionally building a pipeline of educators of color

Inside one black man’s experience of the classroom, and leaving it

DRIVE Summit: How North Carolina can get more teachers of color

An extra hill to climb for our community college students

Why the grueling educational path was worth it for one early childhood teacher

DRIVE Summit: How North Carolina can get more teachers of color

On this episode of EdTalk, host Alex Granados talks with Governor Roy Cooper and LaTanya Pattillo, the teacher advisor to the governor, about the upcoming DRIVE Summit and the importance of getting more teachers of color in state classrooms. DRIVE stands for Developing a Representative & Inclusive Vision for Education, and it brings together a host of educators and education professionals to talk about the importance of teachers of color, and how the presence of such teachers can better prepare students of color for success in education. … Listen now »

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Mapping the 2018-19 school report cards

The NC Department of Public Instruction (NC DPI) released school performance grades in September, and an update of previous maps in the Consider It Mapped series on the topic reveals that the overall distribution of As, Bs, Cs, Ds, and Fs is similar to last year’s, even with changes to the measures included in this year’s formula.… Full story »

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Perspective | Interview with Dr. Mary Hemphill, NC director of K-12 computer science K-12

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NC remains a leader in National Board Certified Teachers

More than 3,500 teachers achieve National Board Certification — bringing national total to more than 125,000 teachers

Governor Cooper establishes task force to improve diversity and inclusion in education field