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Balancing equity and innovation: An educational moral imperative

NC program evaluation division recommends focus on early childhood learning in low-performing districts

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Leandro commission discusses draft recommendations for the first time

Student Session

NC STEM Center e-update: Meet the 2019-20 Kenan Fellows

EdTalk Podcast

Enrollment trends at community colleges

The demographic of who is being served by community colleges is changing Old jobs have been replaced with newer ones that require more college, and a skills gap is developing between what employers need and what workers have Community colleges have an opportunity to target students who don’t traditionally go to their institutions  In the latest episode of EdTalk, host Alex Granados talks with Robert Templin, a professor at North Carolina State University’s College of Education, about enrollment trends at community colleges. … Listen now »

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Consider It Mapped

Mapping the 2017-18 school report cards

This fall, we’re back to school and back to mapping school grades after a two-year hiatus. Former features on Consider It Mapped covered grades from the 2013-14, 2014-15, and 2015-16 school years and the controversy over the equations used to derive the grades. This year, we’re expanding the functionality of the map and accompanying data visualization with a number of filters so users can play out different scenarios, pulling information for like districts and schools.… Full story »

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Reach NC Question

Question of the Week – May 7

For some North Carolinians, especially those in rural communities, access to high-speed internet can be difficult or nearly impossible. The N.C. Department of IT has a broadband infrastructure office dedicated to tackling issues around high-speed internet, and bills aimed to address the issue are once again in front of the legislature. 

Now, we want to know your thoughts on this issue. Weigh in on our question of the week below.

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Forsyth Technical Community College joins Achieving the Dream to pursue transformative change and improve student success

NC State’s Kenan Fellows Program names 2019-2020 cohort of teacher leaders

NC education attainment goal gains critical endorsements

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