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our students, our state, our future

EducationNC (EdNC) works to expand educational opportunities for all students in North Carolina, increase their academic attainment, and improve the performance of the state’s public schools. We provide residents and policymakers with nonpartisan data, research, news, information, and analysis about the major trends, issues, and challenges bearing on education. We gather and disseminate information employing the most effective means of communication, primarily through the Internet. In addition to the content distributed, we encourage an active and connected community of those interested in education policy and practice throughout the state. Our work encourages informed participation and strong leadership on behalf of the students of North Carolina. 

EdNC is your trusted source of information and the architecture for your participation in a statewide conversation about education and the future of our state. We post nonpartisan news and information online Monday through Friday. We cover breaking news on the weekends and holidays. Columnists and contributors post commentary that may include a point of view. EdNC tries to make it clear to readers the point of view represented. We want you to know the range of perspectives that are influencing the conversation across our state. We disclose when an article includes information about a board member or a financial contributor. Through our work, EdNC identifies and invests in the next generation of education leaders.

One of the reasons you can trust us is that when we make a mistake, and we do make mistakes, we correct the error within the article, also noting the mistake on the article’s webpage and adding it to a running list of EdNC corrections. If you find an error, email Another reason you can trust us is that we disclose where we get our information. EdNC provides you with our sources in footnotes, links, and by posting source material on our website. And when we use artificial intelligence in our reporting and research, we will let you know.

All of our content is available free of charge with proper attribution. Here are our guidelines for republishing content.

EdNC was founded by Gerry Hancock and Ferrel Guillory. Mebane Rash serves as the CEO, president, and editor-in-chief. The CEO has independent control of all content and operations. Our Board of Directors guides the mission, strategic vision, and financial sustainability of the organization. EducationNC is a 501(c)(3), formerly known as Emerging Tar Heel Leaders, Inc., and our work is supported by foundation grants, corporate contributions, individual contributions, and earned revenue.

You will hear us say that our process is bipartisan. Our Board of Directors includes leaders across the political spectrum. Our contributors will include writers and thought leaders across the political spectrum. Our funding comes from sources across the political spectrum. On the other hand, you can count on our news to be independent. The staff of EdNC are registered as unaffiliated voters.

Here is our statement on EdNC’s journalistic independence: 

EducationNC was established to provide an independent source of news, data, and analysis about education for the people of North Carolina. EdNC welcomes and values input and comment from everyone, and accepts funding support for specific subject areas we decide to cover, but will never allow anyone – our board, our funders, or the people and organizations we cover – to control the content we publish. True independence requires clear accountability, and the accountable control over all EdNC content is vested in our editor-in-chief. That carefully-chosen person is instructed by EdNC’s board of directors to develop and publish the content he/she deems newsworthy, free of any and all outside influence. At EdNC, we are responsible to the people first and beholden only to the great tradition of independent journalism.

Here is our statement on equity:

Being in healthy, positive, and equitable relationships with residents, leaders, organizations, and communities is critical for impactful partnerships and to support systems level change. It requires hard conversations about difficult issues, creation of intentional space, interrupting false narratives, choosing to not be complicit in issues or practices that perpetuate inequities, good intent without a hidden agenda, and the resistance to render individuals invisible or villains when issues get uncomfortable and hard.

Here is our statement on safeguarding children.

EdNC is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging across the intrapersonal, organizational, community, and systems dimensions of our work. Read more about our approach here.

The EdNC mark is property of EducationNC and registered as a federal and state trademark.

Behind the Story

On June 5, 2020, we changed the word citizens to residents.

On November 1, 2023, we added our use of artificial intelligence in our work.