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Reach Roundup: Do you think North Carolina teachers are valued?


When you think of school lunches growing up, what food comes to mind?


We had all the food prepared fresh daily. I believe much of the food was whatever was in season. My favorites were the shepherd’s pie and apple pie.
-Leslie from Mooresville, NC

Didn’t know there was a way to mess up peanut butter and jelly, but they figured it out.
-Elaine from Raleigh, NC


Teacher Appreciation Week is right around the corner. Do you think North Carolina teachers are valued?


Gertrude Jeannette, Actor, Director, and Cab Driver, Dies at 103 | NYT 4/26/2018
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What do Kanye West’s recent rants on social media tell us about civility and how we talk to one another? As the author writes, “This is a uniquely 2018 vision of dialogue—agree with me or you are a deluded fool.” 


Hi, I’m back! Shout out to the team for covering while I was away.

As we approach teacher appreciation week, I can’t help but consider the teachers who have shaped my own life and experience. I think often of Mrs. Cox, who taught me to write and who can’t be blamed for any of my own grammatical or punctuation errors. Mr. Spicer, whose love for elections and American history exceeded even mine. And the librarians who I absolutely adored at Hibriten High School.

The story I’ve considered of late is my 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Cain. Mrs. Cain gave me a love for Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince. She taught me that we must all stay in touch with our inner child, wonder, magic, and kindness. She also challenged me to recall that many, many wonderful people were working hard to create access to opportunities for students just like me. Someone who was born to teenage parents, lived in poverty, and found greater opportunities when my great aunt and uncle adopted me heading into middle school.

Which teachers inspire you today? We’d love your nomination:

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