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EdAmbassadors call for perspectives and instructional tools of success

Teachers, administrators, and curriculum specialists, please join our conversation and become a featured educator by sharing your instructional tools of success.

In addition to the news we publish, EducationNC and the EdAmbassadors are looking for submissions to highlight educators who are using sound instructional practices in their classrooms and schools. All in all, we are looking to feature successful instructional practices including video and/or images. 

An Instructional DIY submission contains two parts: educator perspectives and instructional tools. See an example here.  Perspectives tell the story of what is happening in the classroom written by you — the teacher, administrator, or curriculum specialist.

Articles should be no more than 750 words and submitted as a Word Document directly via email at 

  In addition to the submission:

  • Include any horizontal photos that you want within the article. These photos can be of your classroom, your work in action, or others you mention in the article. iPhone photos are fine! Don’t forget to include a photo credit and a brief caption. For all photos, please be sure to follow your district’s photo permission policy.
  • Video is also a great addition to any instructional piece. Show rather than tell, feel free to film it!
  • Include a two or three sentence bio about yourself including full name, school, district, content/grade level taught and anything else you would like to share.
  • Include a headshot of yourself.

A few pieces of advice on writing for EducationNC:

  1. Don’t make it complicated. The best writing is simple. I encourage writers to “tell it like you’d tell your mama.” A conversational, accessible style works best.
  2. Be authentic. You are the world’s leading expert on your school, your classroom, your students, your peers, and your job. Use your own voice. You don’t need to take on an “expert tone” because you are the expert.
  3. Stuck? Ask yourself: What is the one thing you wish the world knew about classroom instruction? If you had five minutes with an education professor or a legislator, what would you share as your success?
  4. A picture is worth a thousand words. 
  5. Read it out loud several times. You may hear it differently than you wrote it. Reading out loud is one of the best ways to edit.


We need your voice to tell the stories of the over 100,000 educators in our great state.

This is just the beginning for EdAmbassadors. In our first year, we hope to continue to develop and explore how to involve all teachers around North Carolina. If you are interested in joining the conversation and becoming part of the effort, join below.

George Barilich

George “Nate” Barilich is an English and film teacher at Enloe Magnet High School in Raleigh. He also serves as director of Enloe Charity Ball leading high school students in local philanthropy. He is a graduate of North Carolina State University, a North Carolina Teaching Fellow, and a member of the inaugural class of Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation Fellows. Nate currently serves as an Executive Fellow at EducationNC. Raised in Onslow County, Nate loves all things Eastern North Carolina: salt water, oysters, and vinegar BBQ.