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Awake58: Racial equity in our schools, Guilford Tech picks a president

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Racial equity in our schools, Guilford Tech picks a president

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The Center for Racial Equity in Education released a report on the state of racial equity in North Carolina this weekend… Guilford Tech announced Anthony Clarke as president… The Atlantic explores critical issues facing the future of community colleges… EdNC is hiring!

The Center for Racial Equity in Education’s report “E(race)ing Inequities” came out yesterday. The report reads: “Without exception, we find that the influence of race functions to diminish both the access and the outcomes of non-Asian students of color.”

The “E(race)ing Inequities” report is focused on K-12 data, but the NC Community College system office released a report on equity in May that you should review as a companion piece.

In other news, Guilford Tech announced their new president. Anthony Clarke, who is the current president of Southeastern Community College and was selected by the Guilford Tech trustees. His selection will now go before the State Board. We will continue to monitor additional leadership transitions this fall.

I am excited to announce that we have posted three new positions for EdNC. We are looking for a higher education policy analyst, an audience engagement specialist, and a visuals and interactives editor. All three positions will include a significant focus on community colleges. Please spread the word and encourage anyone who might have an interest to apply.

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EdNC Reads

“E(race)ing Inequities: The state of racial equity in North Carolina public schools”

The Center for Racial Equity in Education report mentioned above is a long but important read. They have collected important data points that showcase the true state of racial equity in our public schools. You can find the full report by clicking hereThe NC Community College system office released a report in May on access in the community college space.

Racial inequities in NC schools, by the numbers

In a study of more than 1.5 million North Carolina students, the CREED report found significant gaps in both educational access and outcomes between racial groups, particularly between white students and non-Asian students of color. This video shares many of the key data points. It is worth a watch.

“Deep Rooted: A brief history of race and education in North Carolina”

This history of race and education in North Carolina serves as an important companion piece alongside “E(Race)ing Inequities.” This piece gives us a glimpse of how our state arrived here.

AskNC: What percentage of North Carolina’s education lottery money goes to education?

The North Carolina Education Lottery just had its biggest year yet. The lottery raised $708.3 million in fiscal year 2019, up $38 million from the year before to set a new record. Since its creation in 2005, the lottery has generated $6.6 billion for education in North Carolina. The lottery advertises that 100% of their profits benefit education, but how much is that really?

Other Reads

The choices facing community colleges

One of my favorite books from the past year was “Our Towns” by James and Deborah Fallows. The Fallows continue to travel to build on the themes of the book, and they recently met with Michigan community college leaders to discuss the future of community colleges. One of the big questions Fallows spotlights is an interesting one to consider: “In this era of increasing nationwide interest in ‘placemaking,’ are community colleges positioned to take the lead as stewards of a community’s development?”

Eleven signs a town will succeed

The eleven signs a town will succeed comes directly from “Our Towns” and one of the signs is relevant to you all: “They have, and care about, a community college. Not every city can have a research university. Any ambitious one can have a community college.”

Nudging students to college

The KIPP Charter School Network is the latest educational institution using text messaging as a tool to “nudge” their students on their path to higher learning. Community colleges have also experimented with texting to try to reduce the amount of students who expressed intentions to go to college, but then fail to show up the following fall. Have you seen other ideas to combat summer melt? Let us know by replying to directly to this email.

Around North Carolina

Next GTCC president is Anthony Clarke

Anthony Clarke, the president of Southeastern Community College, was just named president of Guilford Tech. His appointment must still go before the State Board of Community Colleges for formal approval.

First in Future podcast: Audrey Jaeger

Audrey Jaeger, the head of the Belk Center for Community College Leadership and Research at NC State, recorded a podcast with our friends at the Institute of Emerging Issues about the role of community college presidents and how they might help NC achieve the statewide attainment goal set by the myFutureNC Commission.

A-B Tech works on cyber security

Kerri Glover of A-B Tech flagged this story regarding their work on cyber security. Cyber security attacks are increasingly becoming cause for concern among colleges and their student bodies.

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