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The scoop on EdNC


Education news aggregation

Every morning, Mebane combs through local, state, and national news to find the headlines important to you. On weekdays, the news is posted by 8am so that it can be included in EdNC’s Daily Digest, which is emailed out at 9am. On weekends, the news is posted by 10am.  At this point the Daily Digest is only sent out on weekdays, so you’ll have to come to the website to get EdNews on the weekends.

District information

We have created district hub pages for all 115 LEAs in the state. These hubs include links to district websites, academic calendars, district calendars, along with information about the superintendents and school boards. Social media is embedded directly on the pages. Relevant articles from EdNC appear along with links to interactive maps showing data about each school district. Any updates for data or links on these pages can be sent to

Events calendar

The events calendar shows education-related events across the state – including conferences, committee meetings, continuing education opportunities, and court hearings for education litigation. We invite anybody to submit events for us to include.

Resource library

The EdLibrary is a crowdsourced resource library of documents we think you will find useful. Inclusion is not an endorsement. We invite anybody to submit publicly accessible documents for us to add to the library. 

Interactive maps

Interactive maps come out every Monday showing education data graphically across the state. Each month, we explore a theme – like proficiency, graduation rates, and free and reduced lunch applicants – and do deep dives on various aspects of that theme. 



So far, we have two articles on EdAdvocacy, which provide tips for becoming an effective advocate for education issues that matter to you.

Our legislation tracker shows a list of all bills dealing with education issues in the current session of the NCGA.

We have leadership profiles on the policymakers influencing education in North Carolina. Our hope is that these profiles help you know them better as people. We want you to be comfortable walking into the legislature, interacting with legislators, and participating in state government – it is your government after all.

Our NCGA education committee profiles have information about each of the members of the education committees in the House and Senate, including the House committee on K-12 education, the House appropriations subcommittee on education, the Senate committee on education/higher education, and the Senate appropriations subcommittee on education/higher education. Through the linked NCGA profiles, you can track each member’s bills, votes, and other committees.

We follow all educational lawsuits through the courts and report on hearings. You can find information about the lawsuits – including descriptions, court opinions, and downloads for court materials – on the EdLitigation page. Upcoming hearings also appear in our calendar.



We want to provide as many opportunities as possible for you to participate in the conversation about education in our state. You can comment on articles on the website, comment on our Facebook page, or tweet at us on Twitter.

We are also using a beta version of a feedback software called Antenna. You can see this appear throughout our articles on photos and text. Click on the icon that appears at the bottom left corner of photos to leave your reaction. Highlight text and click on the icon that appears to react or comment on just that part of the article.

Finally, EdNC wouldn’t be where we are without the many voices contributing stories, research, and news. In our first 100 days, we published 91 different voices. We invite you to contribute too.  


How can I automatically receive new articles?

Email digests

You can sign up for our email digests to receive daily or weekly emails. The Daily Digest includes our featured articles of the day, recent news posts, and news aggregation. The Weekly Wrapup includes our hand-picked articles of the week.

RSS feeds

You can also follow a specific author using their RSS feed. Simply click on their link on the voices page and then click on the button on the right below their bio that says “RSS feed.” 


How do I find an older article?  

You can explore previous articles by browsing voices or issues pages from the menu. Browse features, news, perspectives, maps, and the news aggregation from each day in the archives. Or you can search by keyword for a specific article.


Where else can I find you online?  

We post headlines on Facebook and Twitter. On Twitter, we retweet other stories and news we think you’ll find interesting. Also be sure to follow Mebane, Alex, and Alisa on Twitter.

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Google+ to see all of our videos.

Alisa Herr

Alisa Herr is the former chief technical officer of EducationNC.