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The Reachville People’s Session: What would make our town a better place to work, live, and spend time?

Welcome to the Reachville People’s Session.

The Reachville People’s Session is an online survey run by EducationNC’s Reach NC Voices initiative that aims to surface the thoughts and opinions of Reachville community members.

To get started, click the black “Next” button below. After reading through the instruction cards, you will have the chance to click “agree” or “disagree” in response to a set of statements that reflect potential changes that could make Reachville a better place to work, live, and spend time. If you are unsure about a statement based on your current understanding of the issue, you can click “unsure.”

Once you answer at least five statements, you will have the chance to add your own. If you see the purple “Crowdsourced” button above a statement, that means it was submitted by a member of the public.

This survey will take you an average of 10 to 15 minutes to complete. New statements are added daily, so check back frequently to continue participating. Thank you for participating.

Reach NC Voices Team

The Reach NC Voices team includes Nation Hahn, director of growth for EdNC; Molly Osborne, director of policy; Analisa Sorrells, chief of staff and associate director of policy; and Alli Lindenberg, engagement specialist.