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Reach Roundup: How well informed do you feel about the six state constitutional amendments that will be on the ballot in November?


​The North Carolina General Assembly just approved six constitutional amendments to appear on the 2018 ballot. Which of the six is most important to you?


The amendment to require voter ID is important to me because it is a form of voter suppression that has no place in our democratic society. All of the amendments are targeted to bring out white, conservative support while discouraging diverse, progressive voices. I hope people will educate themselves on what these measures really do and see them for what they are–political ploys and bad ideas. 
-LeAnna from Asheville, NC

We should enforce legal voting. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter what or who is on the ballot! Photo ID is required to purchase alcohol, tobacco, applying for medicare/medicaid, at doctor office, bank, etc. Why not voting booths where voting is allowed for CITIZENS only! How does citizenship get verified? Green card residents can have photo ID but not eligible to vote. So, photo ID is a minimum but not even enough. The cost is no longer an excuse because free NC ID or voter ID is free to those who couldn’t afford them as stated at NC DMV website! 
-Linh from Cary, NC


Last week, we heard that many users feel uninformed about the six constitutional amendments that will be on the North Carolina ballot in November. How well informed do you feel about these amendments?


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Last week, we heard a lot of feedback about our Question of the Week on the six proposed constitutional amendments. Some felt we didn’t do a thorough job of explaining what all six amendments are while others said the question itself didn’t allow them to specify whether “important” meant they supported the amendment or opposed the amendment. We are listening to you, and we want to continue the conversation. 

Now, we are taking a step back. As our reporters and policy analysts consider what to write about these amendments ahead of the November election, we want to hear what questions you have.
Which of the amendments is most confusing to you? What questions do you have about how any of the amendments might affect you personally, if it passes? What questions do you have about the North Carolina constitutional process in general?
Let us know by weighing in here. We look forward to answering your questions.

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The Reach NC Voices team includes Nation Hahn, director of growth for EdNC; Molly Osborne, director of policy; Analisa Sorrells, chief of staff and associate director of policy; and Alli Lindenberg, engagement specialist.