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Perspective | Remote learning without internet access: Workarounds from rural communities

Recently, in response to COVID-19, much needed additional state and federal funding has been allocated to North Carolina’s public schools. With the use of these funds, combined with state and local partnerships, more efforts are being made to connect students and teachers to broadband internet through allocating $1 million for Wi-Fi buses, $11 million for community and home mobile internet access, and $30 million for devices to help address the 197,000 student households still lacking internet access.

Over the next two episodes, we will hear from students, parents, teachers, and administrators from across the state in a discussion about how students are learning remotely with no or limited home access to the internet. 


  • Hannah Wirt- Teacher, Catawba County
  • Danielle Eller-Teacher, Catawba County
  • Suzanne Cadwallader-Teacher, Catawba County
  • James Frye-Principal, Catawba County
  • Allison Etheridge-Parent/Administrator, Hyde County
  • Marisol and Teresita Campos-Students, Hyde County
  • Tequila Midgett-Parent, Hyde County
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