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Day 53 of the Convention

Saturday, March 14, 1868 

The Convention was called to order on Saturday at 10 o’clock, Mr. Pres. Cowles in the Chair.

The issue of debt repudiation once again was the subject of much debate and pointed comments between delegates. This occupied most of the session and after addressing other ordinances and matters, the Convention adjourned. 

The Convention reconvened for its evening session at 7:30 p.m. More ordinances were considered. No matters of the constitution were taken up.

On motion the Convention adjourned.



Ferrell, Joseph, ed., Compilation of the Official Report of the Proceedings of the Convention (Chapel Hill, N.C.: unpublished manuscript 2007). (See day 8 for fuller explanation of this resource.)


*The debate and other quotes are close to verbatim from the reported resources with some adjustment to put all comments in first person, present tense.

Ann McColl

Ann McColl is an attorney and state constitutional scholar.