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U.S. Department of Education

The U.S. Department of Education have described school choices for parents.
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Opportunity Scholarships Litigation


Researchers release “An Impact Analysis of North Carolina’s Opportunity Scholarship Program on Student Achievement”

Editor’s Note: Today, these researchers at N.C. State released an evaluation of the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship Program, which “provides...


The truth about neighborhood schools

It’s no surprise that respondents to a recent Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools survey say they want their kids to attend school close to home....


Vouchers vs. the constitution and the common good

Initially the state Supreme Court signaled that it wanted to move quickly to rule on whether tax-financed vouchers for private...


Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina responds to research on charter schools

Earlier today, Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina (PEFNC) issued a press release in response to a charter school study released earlier this week...


Charter volleyball in North Carolina

As the head of the NC Public Charter Schools Association, I read charter news alerts daily from all over the...


Charter school legislation filed 20 years ago in North Carolina

What do these policymakers have in common? They voted for charter schools back in 1996: then-Senators Roy Cooper (D-Nash) now...


A charter school fills a need for place-based schooling in Lake Lure

It was 4½ hours from Raleigh to Lake Lure – 30 minutes longer than Google thought it would be. These...


“Is it hard to educate kids in poverty? Yes. So what? Let’s do it.”

Today was my first visit to a KIPP school. I didn’t even know what KIPP stands for. In case you...


NC Policy Watch panel on vouchers

NC Policy Watch held a conversation on the constitutionality and policy implications of vouchers today. “Crucial Conversation – The constitutional...


Strong support for school choice

This week is National School Choice Week. We can celebrate that parents have the right to choose the best educational...


The dilemma of school choice

Bryan and Robin are married and often have very distinct views on the future of education, especially for their children,...