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Bright Spots: Strategic Twin Counties Education Partnership (STEP)

STEP is the Strategic Twin Counties Education Partnership that exists between Edgecombe and Nash counties. This partnership is working to connect students to the careers which exist in their area in an effort to combat the perception that there are “no good jobs here.”

The effort connects students to local businesses by bringing in role models, offering career showcases, and bolstering the perception of local industry through their #WorkHere campaign. Ultimately, the partnership hopes each dual-enrolled high school student will leave high school with two industry recognized credentials. To learn more, read the brief from ncIMPACT at the University of North Carolina School of Government

These bright spots were identified in collaboration with the myFutureNC Commission. The myFutureNC Commission is focused on educational attainment statewide. They are in the process of developing statewide and localized attainment goals.

Robert Kinlaw

As EducationNC’s director of multimedia, Robert Kinlaw focuses on telling stories with video, photos, and sound.

Nation Hahn

Nation Hahn is the director of growth for EducationNC.