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The STEM East network is a collaboration across 12 counties in eastern North Carolina. The network works to make sure students have opportunities to engage in STEM learning that connects to career opportunities and needs. After-school and summer programs, local museums, area businesses, and others all partner together to deliver services.

Check out the video above and then read the brief.

NOTE: Sam Houston, who is interviewed by Anita Brown-Graham in this video, sits on EducationNC’s board of directors.

These bright spots were identified in collaboration with the myFutureNC Commission. The myFutureNC Commission is focused on educational attainment statewide. They are in the process of developing statewide and localized attainment goals.

Robert Kinlaw

As EducationNC’s director of multimedia, Robert Kinlaw focuses on telling stories with video, photos, and sound.

Nation Hahn

Nation Hahn is the director of growth for EducationNC.