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North Carolina has more than 900,000 residents who have completed some college, but have not received a degree or a high quality credential. As we attended the myFutureNC listening sessions, we heard from community leaders throughout the state who were concerned about the sheer number of students for whom “life happens.”

UNC-Charlotte decided to take a deeper look at their students who were stopping out and found that 74 percent of the students who stopped out were leaving UNC-Charlotte due to financial difficulties. Enter Project Gold Rush.

Check out the video above and then read the brief.

These bright spots were identified in collaboration with the myFutureNC Commission. The myFutureNC Commission is focused on educational attainment statewide. They are in the process of developing statewide and localized attainment goals.

Robert Kinlaw

As EducationNC’s director of multimedia, Robert Kinlaw focuses on telling stories with video, photos, and sound.

Nation Hahn

Nation Hahn is the director of growth for EducationNC.