Educator preparation bill passes House, returns to Senate

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Alex Granados is a researcher and legislative reporter for EducationNC. He grew up in Raleigh where he attended Jeffreys Grove Elementary School, Leesville Road Middle School and Cardinal Gibbons Catholic High School. Alex attended Wake Technical Community College before transferring to and graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in journalism in 2005.… Read full bio »

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2 responses to “Educator preparation bill passes House, returns to Senate”

  1. Bennett Myers says:

    This is ridiculous!!!!! The Universities with Teacher Prep programs are more than capable of preparing enough high quality teachers for NC. The problem is that fewer people want to go into the education field because of all the negativity from Congress and a lot of the public! When teachers are more respected and appreciated for the fine work they do, nothing will change.

  2. Joyce Gardner says:

    Thank you, Rep. Graig Meyer, for your determination and daily efforts to save public education. North Carolina teacher preparation programs in our colleges and universities are among the strongest and most rigorous in the country. Unfortunately, education as a career has become unattractive in North Carolina and enrollment in teacher education programs has declined. Talented college students who may have considered teaching as a career can choose more lucrative options for their futures with guaranteed retirement benefits, higher salaries, strong professional career growth options and recognition as valued professionals.

    The continued push toward privatization and opening the gates for private, for-profit out-of-state entities to offer “preparation” programs will diminish the oversight and quality of teacher preparation in North Carolina. North Carolina has been, in the past, an education state, dedicated to providing high quality education for all children, not just the wealthy. Public education was the key to my ability to build a quality life allowing me to be a contributing member of society. These opportunities may soon become just memories of a kinder state focused on the greater good.

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