Campaign contribution by teacher preparation organization complicates expansion bill

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Alex Granados is a researcher and legislative reporter for EducationNC. He grew up in Raleigh where he attended Jeffreys Grove Elementary School, Leesville Road Middle School and Cardinal Gibbons Catholic High School. Alex graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in journalism in 2005. While in college, he worked for The Daily Tar Heel, the UNC student newspaper, and he interned for The State of Things on WUNC-FM.… Read full bio »

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Senate passes bill expanding teacher preparation options

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  • Al Jenkins

    Should you include the amounts contributed to Legislators by the NC Teachers Union?

    • lazydawg58

      I’ve been teaching in NC for 30 year and I’m still looking for a union to join. There isn’t one. Collective bargaining is still illegal for government employees.

  • Rafterman

    Pay to play