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Caregivers come in many different forms – grandparents, uncles, siblings, mother, father, guardian, friend. Regardless of relationship, the lives of our children matter, and each caregiver does their best to create the opportunity for their children to live healthy, happy, successful lives. Creating those opportunities requires a heavy lift – scheduling, coordinating, communicating, and trying to stay on top of the very basics of life. Sometimes the extras we would all like to be able to do for our children fall to the wayside – not for lack of interest, but for lack of time, lack of a path, or lack of connection.

Creating a simple mechanism to have a voice for all caregivers to have input into the communities in which our children grow has been a mission of mine for the last decade. A way for anyone to respond to a quick text, push a button on a poll, or answer a few questions over the phone – a way to have voice about what our children eat, where they play, how their neighborhoods feel, and about what happens in their schools and child care. A way to make life easier for caregivers – and better for children. We are all parents. And our voices can make a difference, which is why Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina is proud to partner with EdNC on Reach NC Voices. A way for North Carolinians to have a voice and a way for North Carolina to hear those voices.

We want to know what you think. Your voice will be amplified to decision makers through your participation.

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Kathy Higgins

In her role as President of the BCBSNC Foundation, Kathy Higgins has led unprecedented growth, including the strategic investment of more than $113 million into North Carolina communities through more than 900 grants to improve the health of vulnerable populations, support physical activity and nutrition programs, and help nonprofit groups improve their organizational capacity.