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The lost leaf

Editor’s Note: Earlier today, I was visiting Enloe High School. Kristopher White took the time to talk to me about the book, Bronx Masquerade. A ninth grader, he told me that in this book kids write poetry. He had created an inkblot, which he was using to inspire his own poetry. In the inkblot, Kristopher saw a leaf. He showed me his favorite poem in the book, saying “just as she wants to go through life more, I want to go through life more. Just like she put the girl in the mirror, I put the boy in the mirror.”


The lost leaf

That boy in the mirror feels lost
Like he can’t go thorough life anymore
That little voice in side his head telling him to stop
But his life took a spin
He wants to live life to the fullest
So he says this goes out to the people
that feel like they are nothing
try your best
live life to the fullest
be the lost leaf
find your way


Kristopher White

Kristopher White is a ninth grader at Enloe High School in Raleigh.