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TeachNC Celebrates New PSA Campaign During Teacher Appreciation Week

As we kick off Teacher Appreciation Week, TeachNC, an initiative focused on the recruitment of teachers in North Carolina and partner of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, celebrates its recently-launched public service announcement (PSA). Titled “The Future Depends on Teachers,” this PSA recognizes the important role educators play in shaping the future, while also inviting others to join this fulfilling career.

Its significance is especially timely as this week, May 3 – 7, is national Teacher Appreciation Week, dedicated to showing gratitude to teachers across the nation. This new campaign honors the hard work of current teachers, inspires future teachers to explore a career in teaching, and elevates the teaching profession among the general public.

“The Future Depends on Teachers” PSA release comes on the cusp of what many would consider to be one of the most challenging years for teachers, and students, alike. The theme, “the future depends on teachers,” is especially noteworthy, as it emphatically honors the key role teachers play in shaping the next generation of leaders while also sharing their impact on broader society.

“As a former English teacher, I know the direct impact we have on shaping a child’s future, and I know how uniquely positioned the teaching profession is to provide that opportunity,” said Superintendent Catherine Truitt. “Every day presents an opportunity for educators to make a lasting impression through their work and their words. This PSA is an important way we recognize and celebrate teachers, while inviting others to join a career where they can be the difference for a student and for the future of our state.”

With more than 2,600 public and charter schools, and over 95,000 educators in North Carolina, TeachNC is improving the state’s numbers by helping candidates understand the teaching profession and its possibilities, navigate the licensure process, and even find their next job. In the first year of TeachNC’s launch, 675 future teachers applied for Educator Preparation Programs, many of whom entered the classroom through the residency license pathway. Of those applicants, 52% reported they were not likely to apply if it wasn’t for TeachNC’s support. TeachNC was a difference maker for those applicants, and it is for so many others as well.

In its first year, an estimated 4,900 aspiring teachers subscribed to, with 75% of them reporting an increased interest in the field of teaching since signing up for TeachNC. Engagement with TeachNC continues to grow, and as of February 2021, that number had reached 7,507 subscribers.

“The business community is engaged in the TeachNC partnership because we believe teacher recruitment is critical for ensuring each student in North Carolina will receive a sound, basic education,” said Brenda Berg, President & CEO of BEST NC.  “We want to ensure that North Carolina has the best, most appreciated teachers in the nation. This PSA includes an excellent message to elevate teaching as an inspired and impactful career. As the campaign says, the future truly does depend on teachers!”

To learn more about TeachNC’s “The Future Depends on Teachers” PSA campaign and watch the 60 second video, please click here.

For media: please use this media outreach template if interested in airing “The Future Depends on Teachers” PSA.

About TeachNC

TeachNC was launched in 2019 to elevate the image of the teaching profession and increase the quantity, quality, and diversity of teachers entering North Carolina’s classrooms. In service of this mission, TeachNC includes a full suite of strategic recruitment activities including a robust communications campaign, a comprehensive website encompassing all existing resources in the state, and 1-on-1 personalized supports for teacher candidates.  These resources create a trusted, safe, and user-friendly support system for anyone considering a teaching career in North Carolina. TeachNC was created through a public-private partnership between NC DPI,, and BEST NC in collaboration with North Carolina’s public schools, districts, and educator preparation programs. To learn more about TeachNC, click here.


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