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Teacher Appreciation Week: Ms. Beth Barlow at Lufkin Road Middle

This is a poem submitted to EdNC by Anna Shay, a student at Lufkin Road Middle School, in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week. Ms. Beth Barlow inspired this submission. She teaches art at Lufkin Road Middle School in Wake County Public Schools.

“Ms. Barlow is one of the best teachers I have ever had, because she has a passion for teaching art and nourishing growing artists,” Shay wrote. “She encourages entry in contests and because of this we have had a few go international. I don’t know of a student that doesn’t at least like her, and I want to just say thank you and I will miss you when I leave next year.”

Hands form shapes with clay,
Brushes lay ready to play,
Doodling is encouraged,
Any talent is nourished.
It may all seem a mess,
But inside there is success,
At contests, shows, and more,
You never know what is in store.
At the center a teacher stands,
Ready to build students’ dreamlands,
Fixes artwork, and eases tension,
Building art into a lifelong passion.
Crazy, forgetful, awesome,
Artistic, lively, gleesome,
She’ll make you go whoa,
I introduce Ms. Barlow.
Thank you for all you do,
I wouldn’t be here without you,
So here is a poem to celebrate,
You, instead of classmates.
Anna Shay

Anna Shay is in eighth grade at Lufkin Road Middle School in Apex. She is in Lufkin’s Art Club which Ms. Barlow runs. She plays basketball, the piano, and the flute. She is also an avid photographer and enjoys painting, doodling, and working with colored pencils.