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Speaker Moore appoints committee members in the NC House of Representatives

The following is a press release from House Speaker Tim Moore

Remaining committee appointments for the 2019-2020 biennium of the North Carolina House of Representatives biennium were announced Friday by the office of Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland).  

“The people of North Carolina can expect more effective reforms and promising investments from these committees that get results,” Moore said.

“I appreciate the hard work of so many House members and staff to prepare for another successful session of the General Assembly.”

The Speaker’s office announced the following committee appointments:


Representative Hurley; Chair; Representative Farmer-Butterfield; Vice Chair; Representatives Black, Dobson, Hunt, John, Lambeth, Murphy, White;


Representative Dixon; Senior Chair; Representatives Brisson, Strickland; Chairs; Representatives Hunter, Wray; Vice Chairs; Representatives Ager, Alexander, Barnes, Bell, Brody, Clark, Conrad, Elmore, Graham, K. Hall, Humphrey, Hunt, Jones, Majeed, McGrady, Presnell, Queen, Reives, K. Smith, Yarborough;

Alcoholic Beverage Control

Representatives Boles, McGrady; Chairs; Representatives Fisher, Hardister; Vice Chairs; Representatives Alexander, Bell, Dahle, Holley, Hurley, Johnson, Lucas, Meyer, Saine, B. Turner, Yarborough, Zachary;


Representatives Johnson, Lambeth, Saine; Senior Chairs; Representatives Arp, Brisson, Dobson, Faircloth, McGrady; Chairs; Representatives Blackwell, Boles, Cleveland, Dixon, Elmore, Fraley, K. Hall, Hardister, Horn, Iler, Jones, McElraft, McNeill, Murphy, Potts, Presnell, Riddell, Sauls, Shepard, Strickland, Torbett, R.Turner, White; Vice Chairs; Representatives Ager, Autry, Ball, Barnes, Beasley, Belk, Black, Brockman, Bumgardner, Conrad, Cunningham, Dahle, Davis, Farmer-Butterfield, Fisher, Floyd, Gailliard, Garrison, Gill, Goodwin, Graham, Grange, Hanig, Harrison, Hawkins, Humphrey, Hunter, Hurley, Insko, Jackson, Jarvis, John, Logan, Lucas, Majeed, Martin, Montgomery, Morey, Pierce, Pittman, Queen, Quick, Reives, Richardson, Rogers, R. Smith, C. Smith, K. Smith, Speciale, Stevens, Terry, B. Turner, Willingham, Wray, Yarborough;

Appropriations, Agriculture and Natural and Economic Resources

Representative Dixon; Senior Chair; Representatives K. Hall, McElraft, Strickland; Chairs; Representatives McGrady, Yarborough; Vice Chairs; Representatives Ager, Davis, Harrison, Humphrey, Montgomery, Quick, B. Turner, Wray;

Appropriations, Capital

Representative Hardister; Chair; Representative Arp; Vice Chair; Representatives Goodwin, Hawkins, Morey, C. Smith, K. Smith, Stevens;

Appropriations, Education

Representatives Blackwell, Elmore, Fraley, Horn, Sauls; Chairs; Representatives Conrad, Hurley, Johnson; Vice Chairs; Representatives Ball, Brockman, Fisher, Gailliard, Garrison, Gill, Grange, Hanig, Lucas;

Appropriations, General Government

Representatives Cleveland, Riddell; Chairs; Representative Arp; Vice Chair; Representatives Barnes, Floyd, Garrison, Logan, Majeed, Pittman;

Appropriations, Health and Human Services

Representative Murphy; Senior Chair; Representatives Potts, White; Chairs; Representatives Brisson, Dobson, Lambeth; Vice Chairs; Representatives Belk, Black, Bumgardner, Cunningham, Farmer-Butterfield, Insko, Jarvis, R. Smith, Terry;

Appropriations, Information Technology

Representatives K. Hall, Jones; Chairs; Representative Saine; Vice Chair; Representatives Autry, Hunter, Pittman, Queen;

Appropriations, Justice and Public Safety

Representative Boles; Senior Chair; Representatives McNeill, R.Turner; Chairs; Representative Faircloth; Vice Chair; Representatives Jackson, John, Pierce, Reives, Richardson, Rogers, Speciale;

Appropriations, Transportation

Representatives Iler, Presnell, Shepard, Torbett; Chairs; Representatives Beasley, Goodwin, Graham, Martin, Willingham;


Representatives Conrad, Grange; Chairs; Representatives Hardister, Howard; Vice Chairs; Representatives Butler, Carney, Everitt, Jarvis, Montgomery;


Representative Ross; Senior Chair; Representative Conrad; Vice Chair; Representatives Adams, Adcock, Ball, Butler, Clemmons, Cunningham, Everitt, Farmer-Butterfield, K. Hall, D. Hall, Horn, Howard, Iler, Jarvis, Kidwell, Lofton, Pierce, Shepard, Strickland, Terry, Warren;

Education – Community Colleges

Representative Sauls; Chair; Representative Brody; Vice Chair; Representatives Elmore, Gill, Goodman, Hastings, Hunt, Johnson, Pittman, B. Turner, von Haefen, Zachary;

Education – K-12

Representatives Elmore, Horn, Johnson; Chairs; Representatives Blackwell, Brockman; Vice Chairs; Representatives Ball, Beasley, Brody, Corbin, Farmer-Butterfield, Fisher, Fraley, Gill, Graham, Hardister, Lucas, Meyer, Potts, Setzer, K. Smith, Strickland, R.Turner, White;

Education – Universities

Representative Fraley; Chair; Representative Davis; Vice Chair; Representatives Adams, Adcock, Alexander, Carney, Clemmons, Hastings, Insko, Jackson, Lambeth, Martin, McGrady, Morey, Murphy, Pittman, R.Turner, Zachary;

Elections and Ethics Law

Representatives Grange, D. Hall; Chairs; Representative Warren; Vice Chair; Representatives Adams, Ball, Batch, Blackwell, Brockman, Dahle, Davis, Faircloth, Fisher, Floyd, Hardister, Harrison, Jackson, Lewis, McNeill, Riddell, Rogers, Russell, Speciale, Szoka, Willingham;

Energy and Public Utilities

Representatives Arp, Szoka; Chairs; Representative Jones; Vice Chair; Representatives Alexander, Autry, Bell, Brisson, Brockman, Conrad, Cunningham, Dixon, Goodman, D. Hall, Hanig, Harrison, Hastings, Hawkins, Holley, Howard, Humphrey, Montgomery, Richardson, Riddell, Saine, Sauls, Setzer, Strickland, Wray;


Representatives McElraft, Yarborough; Chairs; Representatives Harrison, McGrady; Vice Chairs; Representatives Alexander, Belk, Clark, Corbin, Dixon, K. Hall, Horn, Insko, Kidwell, Riddell, Russell, Terry, R.Turner, B. Turner, White;


Representatives Sauls, Wray; Chairs; Representatives Floyd, Setzer; Vice Chairs; Representatives Carney, Farmer-Butterfield, Hunter, Insko, Ross, Saine, Yarborough, Zachary;


Representatives Hastings, Howard, Setzer, Szoka; Senior Chairs; Representatives Conrad, Ross; Chairs; Representative Goodman; Vice Chair; Representatives Adams, Adcock, Alexander, Batch, Bell, Brody, Butler, Carney, Carter, Clemmons, Corbin, D. Hall, Harris, Henson, Holley, Kidwell, Lewis, Lofton, Meyer, Sasser, von Haefen, Warren, Zachary;


Representative Murphy; Senior Chair; Representatives Dobson, Potts, White; Chairs; Representative Lambeth; Vice Chair; Representatives Adcock, Barnes, Black, Brisson, Brockman, Carney, Clemmons, Cunningham, Farmer-Butterfield, Gailliard, Hanig, Howard, Humphrey, Hunter, Insko, Jarvis, Lucas, Pierce, Rogers, Sasser, Setzer, Shepard, C. Smith, Szoka, Terry, Wray;

Homeland Security, Military, and Veterans Affairs

Representatives Cleveland, Speciale; Chairs; Representatives Grange, Henson; Vice Chairs; Representatives Arp, Autry, Boles, Carter, Clark, Harris, Iler, Logan, Martin, Meyer, Pierce, Rogers, Shepard, von Haefen;


Representatives Hurley, Pittman; Chairs; Representatives Carter, Dobson, Insko, Lucas, Stevens, Terry;


Representatives Bumgardner, Corbin, Setzer; Chairs; Representatives Adams, Lucas; Vice Chairs; Representatives Beasley, Cleveland, Floyd, Gill, Goodman, Goodwin, Graham, Henson, Holley, Howard, Iler, McElraft, Montgomery, Murphy, Pierce, Potts, Ross, Sasser, Torbett, Willingham, Wray;


Representatives Davis, Stevens; Chairs; Representatives Blackwell, D. Hall, Rogers, Zachary; Subcommittee Chairs; Representatives Adams, Beasley, Belk, Bumgardner, Clark, Everitt, Faircloth, Gill, Harris, Howard, Hunt, Jackson, John, McNeill, Morey, Potts, Queen, Reives, Richardson, Sauls, C. Smith, R.Turner, Warren;

Pensions and Retirement

Representative McNeill; Chair; Representatives Dobson, Hurley; Vice Chairs; Representatives Black, Elmore, Kidwell, Lambeth, Lofton, Martin, Quick, Russell, C. Smith;


Representative Lewis; Senior Chair; Representative D. Hall; Chair; Representatives Floyd, Sauls, Szoka, Torbett; Vice Chairs; Representatives Butler, Elmore, Grange, Harrison, Hawkins, Henson, Horn, Queen, Reives, Saine;

Regulatory Reform

Representatives Riddell, Yarborough; Chairs; Representatives Goodman, Holley; Vice Chairs; Representatives Adcock, Ager, Belk, Blackwell, Carter, Gailliard, Henson, Kidwell, McElraft, Meyer, Presnell, R. Smith, Stevens;

Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House

Representative Lewis; Chair; Representatives Szoka, Torbett; Vice Chairs; Representatives Adcock, Barnes, Boles, Brisson, Bumgardner, Carney, Davis, Dixon, Floyd, Fraley, Goodman, Grange, Hardister, Hastings, Hunter, Jackson, Johnson, Quick, Reives, Ross, Saine, Willingham, Wray;

State and Local Government

Representatives Brody, Corbin, Warren; Chairs; Representatives Cleveland, Speciale; Vice Chairs; Representatives Ager, Autry, Batch, Boles, Carter, Dobson, Faircloth, Fisher, Graham, Hurley, Jarvis, Lofton, Logan, Majeed, McElraft, Quick, Ross, Sasser, von Haefen, Willingham;


Representative Torbett; Senior Chair; Representatives Hastings, Iler, Presnell, Shepard; Chairs; Representative Carney; Vice Chair; Representatives Arp, Blackwell, Boles, Bumgardner, Butler, Corbin, Everitt, Faircloth, Fraley, Garrison, Goodwin, Harris, Holley, John, Martin, McNeill, Morey, Quick, Richardson, Russell, R. Smith, Speciale, Warren;

Wildlife Resources

Representatives Adams, Henson; Chairs; Representative Yarborough; Vice Chair; Representatives Ager, Batch, Brody, Cleveland, Cunningham, Dahle, Garrison, Hanig, Presnell, Richardson, Sasser;

Note: The Speaker Pro Tempore, Rules Chairman, House Majority Leader, and Deputy House Majority Leader will serve as ex officio voting members on all House standing committees.


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