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College students: Are your plans changing because of COVID-19? We want to hear from you.

Everything around us has changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those of us who can stay inside are doing that, and dealing with upheaval across all parts of our lives, while facing uncertainty about just how long this will last and what it means for the future.

Now imagine dealing with this as a graduating high school senior.

Everything those seniors thought they knew has radically changed. And now, they graduate into a real world where so much is still in flux. We want to understand their experiences and how their academic journeys are changing through a new series.

Are they deciding to go to four-year institutions, despite the fact that campus life will be very different? Are they going to a community college near home instead? Are they trying to find work or involvement in a public service organization?

And most importantly, how has the last quarter of their senior year affected this choice, and what do all these changes mean for them?

They’re already navigating these decisions and trying to make the most of a complex situation. Help us elevate their voices.

Graduating seniors and college students, please take the survey below.

Want to reach out directly? Please email Anna at

Anna Pogarcic

Anna Pogarcic is the Director of Content for EducationNC.