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Reach Roundup: Which of these proposed constitutional amendments is most important to you?


Have you heard of ACEs before?


There are not just physical and mental effects of ACEs (anxiety, depression, heart disease, obesity, even cancers), but also socioeconomic. There is mention of ACEs in Hillbilly Elegy: people with ACEs are more likely underperform in school, less likely to go to college, more likely to suffer relationship instability as adults and pass on the behavior to their children, etc.
-Andrew from Rocky Mount, NC

Everyone should know their ACE score. It’s not an excuse for poor choices, but a definition of what has shaped us. We can use our ACE score to forgive ourselves, seek resilience-building help and then advocate at every level to prevent ACEs in children and support families dealing with toxic stress.
-Jennifer from Charlotte, NC


The North Carolina General Assembly just approved six constitutional amendments to appear on the 2018 ballot. Which of the six is most important to you?​


What Families Need to Know About Screen Time This Summer  | NPR 7/9/18
Turns out, screen time isn’t all bad, but your concerns of too much screen time for kids are all valid.

Americans are Having Fewer Babies. They Told Us Why.  | NYTimes 7/5/18 
If you think it’s because of money — you’re right.


Did you know North Carolina has had three constitutions?

Our latest version, which was approved in November of 1970 by the voters of North Carolina, has seen over 20 amendments since passage, including the creation of a state income tax, allowing the Governor and Lieutenant Governor to serve two consecutive terms, and providing the Governor with the ability to veto.

This fall, voters will weigh in on six amendments at once, including an amendment to protect the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife; a cap on the income tax rate, which would limit the maximum rate of state income tax to 7 percent; and an amendment requiring photo identification before voting. For more on the six amendments, check out this recap from WUNC
We’d love to know your thoughts on the amendments. Are any of them important to you? Did you know they were on the ballot? Reply to the question of the week above or just shoot me an email directly!
Let us know by weighing in here. We look forward to answering your questions.

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