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Reach Roundup: When you think of school lunches growing up, what food comes to mind?


Do you think it is necessary to continue your education after high school?


The less effective our public schools become in preparing students for the world after high school, the more important post-high school education & training becomes. 
-Christina from Wake Forest, NC

study by Georgetown University reports that by 2020, 65% of all jobs in the US will require some post secondary education. 
-Marci from Clemmons, NC


When you think of school lunches growing up, what food comes to mind?


What It’s Like to Live in America Without Broadband Internet | VICE 4/16/2018
This read dives into the consequences of the digital divide and what it means to live in a community without internet access. 

Scientists of North Carolina | Facebook
It’s like theHumans of New Yorkprofiles, except for scientists in North Carolina!


Hey there, it’s Analisa!

I work on the Reach NC Voices team and I’m taking over “Nation’s notes” this week. Today, we are partnering with the North Carolina PTA at their Reimagining School Meals event in Chapel Hill. Four chefs are creating their own delicious and healthy school meals, and Reach NC Voices is powering surveys for participants to rate their favorite dishes. 

Here are a few quick facts on school meals: In North Carolina in 2017, over 866,000 students ate school lunch. Most of the school funds in North Carolina come from federal reimbursement. No-cost meals are also offered over the summer – a topic the Reach NC Voices team explored last year.

As we partner with organizations like the North Carolina PTA, we are always looking for more ways to connect with people on the issues they care about — whether that’s reimagining school food or which style of BBQ they like best. Email, text NATION to 73224, or tweet us @ReachNCVoices to share your thoughts and stories.

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