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Reach Roundup: What do you think are the most effective ways for citizens to be heard in the policy making process?


Do you think it’s important for the teacher workforce to be as diverse as the student population?


Many students need role models who look like them. More than anything though, we need the highest quality teachers we can find! High quality teachers can be role models to any student they teach. -Teacher from Greenville

Let me be blunt. White students need to have experiences with authority figures who are not white. – Teacher from Chatham County


This week teachers in Oklahoma and Kentucky went on strike. What do you think are the most effective ways for citizens to be heard in the policy making process?


If You See Something, Write Something | NYTimes 3/28/2018
A tale of two teens and their Wikipedia editing hobby focused on the New York City Public Transportation system.

Reflections on Race: Are We So Different?  | EdNC 4/2/2018
Last week, EdNC ran our “teaching-in-color” series. In this reflection, managing editor Laura Lee connects a museum exhibit with race in the classroom.


This week marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the age of 39. In recent weeks, individuals recall his civil rights work and remember he had begun to recognize what he called a transition “from the era of civil rights to the era of human rights.” In the last years of his life, he called for a campaign to focus on better jobs, better education, and better housing. 

Recent weeks have also been a time to remember Dr. King’s emphasis on non-violent protest, while reporting and documenting the protests that have sprung up from students and teachers alike on an array of issues ranging from school violence to teacher pay. 

We remain interested in your take on how our state can build dialogue across differences in North Carolina so that we might create space for debates around critical issues that both respect our differences and move toward common ground. Do you have an idea? Email me at, text NATION to 73224, or tweet us @ReachNCVoices and share your thoughts.

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