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Reach Roundup: How many state parks do you think there are in North Carolina?


What are the most effective ways for citizens to be heard in the policymaking process?


If striking and nonviolent protests are the only way to get that media coverage, I support the teachers who do that. Teachers shouldn’t have to pay for or ask parents for basic classroom supplies or any resources they deem necessary for their lessons. They also should not have to be paid so little that they have to take on additional jobs.
-Respondent from Charlotte

My choice is: find a local candidate you believe in, get to know that person one-on-one, work for them, get them elected.
-Respondent from Fayetteville


The weather is getting nicer (we hope), and it’s got us thinking about going outside. How many state parks do you think there are in North Carolina?


The Hidden Crisis on College Campuses: Many Students Don’t Have Enough to Eat | WAPO 4/3/2018
Temple University and the Wisconsin HOPE Lab released a hunger survey that was the first of its kind: it included students from two-year, four-year, and public and private universities. 

Middle-Class Families Increasingly Look to Community Colleges | NYTimes 4/5/2018
Middle-class students are finding a way to spend less for a quality education—by starting at community colleges first.


What do you wonder about North Carolina government? Or have you stopped and considered whether you have any questions at all since the last time you watched Schoolhouse Rock Civics 101? We’d like to know what you’re wondering about, and then we’d like to find out the answer.

We’ve been excited to see questions roll in via AskNC, our new partnership with the NC Center for Public Policy Research, which launched recently.

We’ve written about the system of electing our Lieutenant Governor and Governor separately. We are now in the midst of researching mental health in North Carolina and why our state taxes military pensions. What have you been wondering? Ask your questions here.

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