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Reach Roundup: How has standardized testing affected the performance of local public schools?


Which aspect of the work of community colleges feels the most important to the future of your local economy?


First, I suggest that prior to leaving high school or during a “gap year program” that students have the opportunity to be mentored by someone in their chosen or potential field of endeavor.  Do they want to be a nurse? Then have them see all the various settings that nurses can and do work in (nursing homes, industry, research, etc.). Help them to think and question how technology, communications, changing demographics and yes, even politics will impact them.
 -Carol from Durham

The question should have included the vocational component of community colleges. With vocational education lacking in the public schools, education in the trades needs to be available somewhere. Many community colleges have the wherewithal to provide this much needed service.
-Keith from Goldsboro


Over the last decade, there has been a significant increase in testing in public schools to measure academic achievement. Do you think this increased testing has helped, hurt, or made no difference in the performance of local public schools?


The World Cup for Forgotten Countries | The New Yorker 6/1/2018
“CONIFA’s forty-seven members include Tibet, Western Armenia, Northern Cyprus, and Darfur, representing nearly three hundred and thirty million people worldwide.”

Who’s There to Mother Mommy? | USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism 5/25/2018
“In survey data from more than 2,000 American women, Luthar found that distress is common but resilience is common too.”


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