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Ep. 8 – ‘It’s what our children deserve’ featuring Irese Robinson and Inez Ribustello

In this episode, Donnell and Jenny interview Irese Robinson and Inez Ribustello, parents and citizens of Edgecombe County. This conversation is centered around the role of parents in a child’s education and the transformative power of strong relationships between parents, teachers, students and principals. Thanks for listening!

The song featured in this episode is called “Contact” by artist Dylan Longworth, a graduate of Elkin High School.

Behind the Story

The Hummingbird Stories is produced by Alli Lindenberg, Donnell Cannon and Jenny O’Meara. The music used in this series is courtesy of 8th grade student DX4L. The hummingbird artwork on the cover is by 8th grade student Joselyn Hernandez.

The Hummingbird Stories

Children deserve great childhoods. This is a story of those who believe the same. Two principals — Donnell Cannon and Jenny O’Meara interview school designers, community organizers, learning engineers, and education activists to learn what we should be thinking about when it comes to reimagining the future and the steps we can take today to create better schools, better childhoods, and better people tomorrow.