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14. Jeremy Whitley, writer of the Marvel Comics series “The Unstoppable Wasp”

Jeremy Whitley is a North Carolina comic book writer whose latest project encourages women to go into science.

He is the writer of Marvel Comics “The Unstoppable Wasp,” which focuses on the daughter of Ant-Man. She was raised in an underground bunker and showed an interest and ability in science at a young age. She was trained in the profession to replicate some of the things that her father has done as a superhero.

But then she escapes and claims her identity as the superhero “The Wasp.”

That’s where Jeremy comes in, continuing the story as the 16-year-old superhero embraces her new life.

“I wanted to go with this idea that there’s this sort of untapped resource of these girl geniuses out there that haven’t really appeared in these books,” he said. “Because when a lot of these characters were created that wasn’t a concept that was around for the people who were writing them. So I wanted to push this emphasis on women in these STEM and science fields.”

The comic isn’t out yet. It debuts in the new year: January 4. So consider this your behind-the-scenes look of “The Unstoppable Wasp” as written by Jeremy Whitley.

Listen to our interview below:


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