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Student Perspective | Dear COVID

why are you still here?

why are you present?
why can’t you disappear?

why do you take the lives of others?
why do you tear people from each other?

why do you cause the world to divide?
why do you want to keep us all inside?

why do you make us wear those masks?
why can’t you go, is that too much to ask?

i’m really trying to think positive now
but really, truly, i don’t know how

yes, i’m happy with family at home
but i want to go outside, to see people, to roam

my mental health is slowly declining
i’m stressed and anxious, my thoughts multiplying

this pandemic needs to bring people together,
to show love and kindness, this pandemic won’t last forever

so all in all i just want to say
Dear COVID, please go away

Editor’s note: This piece was originally published in The Yearbook: Reflections on School During the COVID-19 Pandemic by the CMS Foundation. It has been reposted with permission.


Camila is an 11th grade student at South Mecklenburg High School.