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NC parents weigh in on back-to-school

It’s back-to-school time! We at ParentsTogether wanted to know what was on parents’ minds as they send their kids back to school, so we teamed up with Reach NC Voices to survey ParentsTogether members.

118 parents took the survey and answered questions about what they’re looking forward to, what they’re worried about, and what resources their schools need.

What parents are worried about

“[I’m concerned about] impacts of central office staff reductions upon their ability to support teachers in the classroom, especial within Special Ed Services.” — Freda

“Bullying, weapons, my daughter feeling overwhelmed or falling behind.” — Jordan

Parents said they think schools need more resources for technology, teacher’s aides, music/arts, books, and reading support.

“They have the hardest job in the universe and they need additional help within the classroom environment so that no child is left behind.” — Ruth

“Teachers should not have to leave the classroom to ask for higher pay nor pay out of pocket for school supplies.” — Alicia

What parents are excited about

But it’s not all bad news. We also asked parents what they and their kids were excited about, and here’s what they told us:

Twenty-five percent of parents mentioned learning new things or new adventures.

“Friends, art, music and extra curriculars like drama, chess and Odyssey of the Mind!” — Katie

“My daughter is excited to get back to seeing her friends and just loves school so she is ready! I am ready for some routine again in our lives.” — Anonymous

“This will be our first child in school! She is entering kindergarten and is very excited. We can’t wait to meet new friends, learn how to read and write, and learn math.” — Jordan

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Sarah Rasmussen

Sarah Rasmussen is an advocacy strategist with ParentsTogether. She has a wide range of experience advocating on issues ranging from renewable energy to voting rights. Sarah has a Bachelor’s degree in History and Women’s Studies from Macalester College and a Master in Public Policy from Harvard University.