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Cohort graduation rates by district, 2013-2014

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This week’s map looks at the latest high school graduation rates across the state. While statewide, 83.9 percent of students graduated in 4 years, graduation rates for school districts range from around 70 percent to 95 percent. Districts in blue are above the state average, and those in orange are below.

A few observations about this map:

  • Around 12 percent of school districts had graduation rates that were 90 percent or higher, while 28 percent had graduation rates lower than 80 percent.
  • The lowest graduation rates were in Northampton County (70.7 percent) and Hoke County (70.8 percent), and the highest was in Avery County (above 95 percent).
  • In general, districts in the mountain region had higher graduation rates, and those in the eastern piedmont had lower rates.

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