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Proficiency and economically disadvantaged students

Economically disadvantaged students (EDS) are in urban, suburban, and rural school districts throughout the state. The maps presented at the statewide and district levels allow you to view how economically disadvantaged students are performing academically in different grade levels and subjects. The maps illustrate proficiency for EDS students in the top map compared to proficiency for all students in the bottom map. This visual comparison allows you the user to see in what grade levels and subjects economically disadvantaged students are performing similarly or differently than all students throughout the state.

The statewide maps show a noticeable contrast in 3rd grade proficiency for all subjects in the drop down box between EDS and all students. This difference is most noticeable in the proficiency of students in the math or reading subject category. More proficient students are illustrated in the bottom map for all students compared to the top EDS students map.

A difference in proficiency levels on EOC exams in Biology and EOC exams in English for economically disadvantaged students compared to all students is illustrated at the high school level. Differences in proficiency of EDS and all students are less noticeable for high school students on the Math I exam and EOC composite scores. 

To find data, chose the grade you would like to view and then chose a subject that the grade is tested in. If you pick a grade and the map is blank, the data is reloading so simply click on the subject dropdown box to find the data available.

The second tab presents the data at the district level. Chose the school district you would like to view data for and the schools in that district will appear on the map with charts that list the percent of EDS proficient in the subject compared to all students. You can click on the school name in the charts or the school location on the map and the school proficiency for EDS and all students will be highlighted for an easy comparison. 

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