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Getting ready for the education budget: Legislative changes to the K-12 budget, 2011-15

To think about the Governor’s budget, which we expect to be released this week, and the budget that the legislature will pass later this session, it is important to understand the current budget for 2014-15, and changes in the budget during the preceding sessions of the legislature.

Last week, EdNC released an article, Getting ready for the education budget: What you need to know from 2014-15. According to the state’s certified budget, total funding for K-12 public education is $11,513,577,425, including $8,104,976,608 for the state appropriation and $3,408,600,817 in funding from other sources. The article includes a table that shows how the money was allocated in 2014-15.

This article looks at legislative changes to the education budget from 2011-15. In 2011, the legislature during the long session passed a two year budget for 2011-12 and 2012-13. In 2012, the legislature during the short session revised the budget for 2012-13. The same process is used each biennium.

This table — we know it is a whole lot of numbers — includes all of the legislative changes to the K-12 education budget in the joint conference committee reports from 2011-15. Links to the reports are below the table. You can also access the table in an Excel file below in case that is helpful.

The columns show the budget changes in a given year.  The rows show budget changes for particular line items across four years.

Recurring (R) means the dollars will be included in the budget going forward. Nonrecurring (NR) means it is a one-time appropriation. If the dollar amount is in parentheses and red, then the funds were reduced. There are more detailed notes in the committee report on each line item.


  2011-12 2012-13 2012-13 Revised 2013-14 2014-15 2014-15 Revised
K-12 Public Education Revised Appropriation $7,464,492,057 $7,450,000,000 $7,506,553,067 $7,867,960,649 $8,048,101,622 $8,104,976,608
Reserve for Salaries and Benefits            
Compensation Increase Reserve – Educators           $275,514,319 R
            $6,764,338 NR
Accrued Longevity Reserve – Educators           $24,299,233 NR
Compensation Increase Reserve – School-based Administrators           $5,818,632 R
            $133,410 NR
Compensation Increase Reserve – Non-certified and Central Office Personnel           $32,635,439 R
Compensation Increase Reserve – Department of Public Instruction (DPI)           $1,652,844 R
State Retirement System Contributions – School District Personnel           $26,455,623 R
State Retirement System Contributions – DPI           $226,087 R
Technical Adjustments            
ADM Adjustment $55,882,651 R $143,087,414 R ($6,423,088) R $10,651,329 R $9,914,165 R ($37,453,734) R
            Total allotted ADM for FY 2014-15 is 1,520,305, an increase of 10,320 students over FY 2013-14.
ADM Adjustment: Opportunity Scholarships         ($11,797,941) R $11,797,941 R
Average Salary Adjustment ($21,838,817) R ($22,040,287) R ($85,670,329) R ($11,873,083) R ($11,980,756) R ($64,923,926) R
Civil Penalties       ($43,030,131) NR   ($4,000,000) R
            ($7,572,230) NR
Sales Tax Receipts Transfer to State Public School Fund       ($5,025,426) R ($6,553,965) R  
          The total DOR transfer will be $52.8 million in FY 2014-15.  
Education Lottery Receipts: Classroom Teachers           ($33,942,997) R
Education Lottery Receipts: Teacher Assistants           ($113,318,880) R
Exceptional Children Headcount       ($2,689,483) R ($2,689,483) R ($5,327,241) R
Elimination of LEA Adjustment            
LEA Adjustment Elimination       $376,124,279 R $376,124,279 R  
Classroom Teachers       ($286,433,312) R ($245,897,168) R $41,932,566 R
          FY 2014-15 K: 1 teacher per 19 students; 1: 1 teacher per 18 students; 2-3: 1 teacher per 17 students; 4-6: 1 teacher per 24 students; 7-8: 1 teacher per 23 students; 9: 1 teacher per 26.5 students; 10-12: 1 teacher per 29 students. FY 2014-15 K: 1 teacher per 18 students; 1: 1 teacher per 17 students. $3.8 billion in total for this allotment.
Instructional Support       ($16,990,590) R ($17,186,802) R  
          $326.1 million will be available in FY 2014-15.  
Other Public School Funding Adjustments            
LEA Adjustment ($124,217,542) R ($198,293,574) R $126,943,661 R      
Class Size Reduction in Grades 1-3 $61,697,942 R $62,767,803 R        
Education Reform Studies $200,000 NR          
Testing ($2,725,029) R ($2,729,677) R        
  Eliminated funding for EOC tests not required by federal law, leaving $8.8 million available for testing in each year of the biennium.        
Dropout Prevention — Eliminated ($13,290,683) R ($13,290,683) R        
Student Diagnostics — Eliminated ($10,000,000) R ($10,000,000) R        
Learn & Earn Online — Eliminated ($4,875,000) R ($4,875,000) R        
Noninstructional Support Personnel ($59,497,471) R ($60,054,792) R        
  Reduces this allotment, which supports clerical, janitorial, substitute teachers, and other personnel, by 15% in both years of the biennium.   $340.3 million will remain in FY 2012-13.        
Textbooks ($13,000,000) R ($13,000,000) R ($4,364,277) R     $905,000 R
  ($79,166,861) NR ($76,500,000) NR        
            Total funding for this allotment is $24.3 million FY 2014-15.
Instructional Supplies ($3,450,000) R ($3,450,000) R   ($6,919,008) R ($7,372,550) R  
  ($38,520,358) NR ($38,417,147) NR        
  Reduces funding for this allotment by approximately 46%.     $43.3 million will be available in FY 2014-15.  
Central Office Administration ($17,211,294) R ($17,254,494) R       ($2,750,000) R
  Reduces the allotment to LEAs for the salaries and benefits of central office staff by 16%. This staff includes, but is not limited to, superintendents, associate and assistant superintendents, finance officers, athletic trainers, and transportation directors.       $93.1 million will remain to support these local staff in FY 2014-15.
School Building Administration ($22,193,080) R ($22,403,290) R        
  Reduces the funding for assistant principal months of employment by approximately 18.8%. This reduction does not reduce any guaranteed principal positions. $306.6 million will remain available in FY 2012-13.        
School Building Administration Position Conversion ($7,700,000) R ($7,700,000) R        
Instructional Support ($22,934,278) R ($23,149,479) R        
  Reduces this allotment, which supports guidance counselors, social workers, media specialists, and other miscellaneous personnel, by 5%. $439.9 million will remain available in FY 2012-13.        
Limited English Proficiency       ($6,000,000) R ($6,000,000) R  
          $82.0 million will be available in FY 2014-15.  
ACT Assessments       $7,500,000 R $7,500,000 R  
Transportation ($10,340,115) R ($10,340,115) R       ($4,630,992) R
  Reduces funding for the allotment, which supports the salaries of transportation personnel as well as the maintenance of yellow buses by 2.5%.       Total funding for this allotment will be $445.7 million in FY 2014-15.
School Bus Replacement   ($20,000,000) NR   ($29,823,055) R ($39,102,605) R ($3,369,983) R
            ($3,369,983) NR
            $46.2 million remains in this allotment to support the purchase of 579 replacement buses in FY 2014-15.
Stop Arm Cameras       $690,000 R $690,000 R  
Low Wealth Supplemental Funding       ($15,526,391) R ($15,526,391) R  
        $213.1 million will be available in this allotment in FY 2013-14 and FY 2014-15.  
Small County Supplemental Funding       ($949,694) R ($3,192,877) R $3,581,140 R
            $46.3 million will be available for this allotment in FY 2014-15.
Education Value Added Assessment System (EVAAS)       $850,000 R $850,000 R  
        Total EVAAS funding will be $2.7 million.  
EVAAS School Performance Grades       $300,000 NR $100,000 R  
Teacher Assistants       ($110,000,000) R ($110,000,000) R ($129,912,165) R
        ($10,000,000) NR   $24,815,645 NR
        Reduces Teacher Assistants funding by 21% in FY 2013-14 and 19% in FY 2014-15 and allocates funding on the basis of student headcount in grades K-3. Approximately $368.3 million will remain in this allotment from a combination of General Fund and Lottery sources.
Education-Based Salary Supplements         ($18,700,000) R $18,700,000 R
Educator Effectiveness and Compensation Task Force       $62,000 NR    
Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate       $1,500,000 R $12,331,184 R  
School Safety and Panic Alarms       $9,000,000 R $9,000,000 R  
Panic Alarms           ($1,100,000) R
            $900,000 available in 2014-15.
Career and Technical Education Test Fees       $1,252,157 R $1,302,243 R  
Education Innovation Grants       $2,000,000 R $2,000,000 R  
Cooperative and Innovative High School Allotment       $310,669 R $310,669 R $1,864,014 R
Mentoring for Beginning Teachers — Eliminated ($9,214,190) R ($9,214,190) R        
School Technology Fund ($10,000,000) R ($10,000,000) R        
  Eliminates General Fund support for this purpose. An additional $18.0 million for the Fund will remain available from the proceeds of the Civil Penalty and Forfeiture Fund.        
Staff Development — Eliminated ($12,565,063) R ($12,626,995) R        
Uniform Education Reporting System (UERS) ($2,101,213) R ($2,101,213) R        
  This adjustment will leave $10.3 million in annual appropriations available for UERS operations.        
More at Four Funding Reduction ($16,000,000) R ($16,000,000) R        
  Reduces More at Four by 20%.        
More at Four Transfer ($65,011,651) R ($65,011,651) R        
  Transfers the remaining $65 million in General Fund appropriations to the Department of Health and Human Service’s Division of Child Development (DCD) to provide a dedicated high-quality pre-K program within its Child Care Subsidy program. In addition, Section 5.4 of the budget bill redirects $63 million in Lottery funding for the program to DCD.        
Liability Insurance for Public School Personnel $3,700,000 R $3,700,000 R ($555,000) R      
JOBS Commission Schools ($200,000) R ($200,000) R        
Learn and Earn Early College High Schools $200,000 R $200,000 R        
  Transfers planning funding for the two schools recommended by the JOBS Commission. These schools shall be eligible for Learn and Earn Early College allotment funding.        
Differential Teacher Compensation           $1,000,000 NR
At-Risk Student Services           ($9,263,980) R
            Reduces funding for this allotment to the FY 2013-14 level of $283.7 million.
Funds for Children in Private Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities           $3,200,000 R
Pass-through Funds            
Teach for America       $5,100,000 R $5,100,000 R  
Teacher Cadet — Eliminates state support ($340,000) R ($340,000) R        
Science Olympiad — Eliminates state support ($127,500) R ($127,500) R        
Kids Voting — Eliminates state support ($50,000) R ($50,000) R        
NC Science, Math and Technical Education Center — Eliminates state support ($100,000) R ($100,000) R        
Tarheel ChalleNGe Academy $250,000 NR     ($767,719) R ($767,719) R  
Teaching Fellows Fund ($210,000) R ($3,475,000) R   ($3,095,000) R ($6,190,000) R ($3,095,000) R
      ($1,300,000) NR    
  This reduction reflects a decrease in funds available for administrative costs associated with the Teaching Fellows Program in FY 2011-12 and FY 2012-13. Additionally, funds are reduced in FY 2012-13 to phase out support for this program.       The Teaching Fellows Trust Fund has a cash balance of $4.7 million as of April 30, 2014.
Communities in Schools           $1,000,000 R
            Total FY 2014-15 State support for CISNC will be $2,446,750.
DPI Curriculum Division ($457,690) R ($457,690) R        
  Eliminates 5.5 positions.        
DPI Technology Services ($2,712,988) R ($2,712,988) R        
  Eliminates 30 positions, 102.85 remain and 70.72 are state funded.        
DPI Communications ($246,586) R ($246,586) R        
  Eliminates 4 positions, 15 remain and 10.8 are state funded.        
Learn and Earn Administration ($139,050) R ($139,050) R        
  Eliminates 1 position.        
Governor’s Education Cabinet ($206,063) R ($206,063) R        
  Eliminates 2 positions.        
NC Professional Teaching Standards Commission ($235,646) R ($235,646) R        
  Eliminates state support and 2 positions.        
Teacher Academy ($4,762,874) R ($4,762,874) R        
  Eliminates state support and 14 positions.        
North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching (NCCAT) ($3,000,000) R ($3,000,000) R   ($3,219,222) R ($3,219,222) R $3,239,639 R
  Reduces state support and 40 positions.   $3,219,222 NR $3,219,222 NR ($3,239,639) NR
Connectivity ($650,000) R ($650,000) R        
Governor’s Schools   ($849,588) R $800,000 R      
Residential Schools for the Deaf and Blind ($1,691,445) R ($7,191,445) R $4,700,000 R      
Office of Charter Schools       $320,000 R $320,000 R  
        Adds 3 positions.  
DPI Flexible Reduction       ($780,491) R ($780,491) R ($5,026,050) R
Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission           $11,694 R
            The total budget for this item is $60,000.
Excellent Public Schools Act            
Excellent Public Schools Act     $27,000,000 R $5,000,000 R $5,000,000 R $6,015,859 R
        $13,578,841 NR    
            DPI will have $38.0 million available to implement these requirements.
Excellent Public Schools Act – Five Extra Days (Multiple)           ($391,637) R
Merit Pay for Teachers         $10,200,000 R ($10,200,000) R
            $10,200,000 NR
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Download Excel file of the above data.

Mebane Rash

Mebane Rash is the CEO and editor-in-chief of EducationNC.