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Future Now announces 18 North Carolina candidates, legislators have signed groundbreaking “America’s Goals’ pledge

RALEIGH, NC – February 23, 2018 – Today, Future Now is announcing the 18 legislators and candidates in North Carolina who have signed the pledge to achieve America’s Goals, a groundbreaking new framework to reorient politics in the Tar Heel state around goals and accountability. In 2018, Future Now Fund & Future Now are planning to spend more than $4 million to support America’s Goals, including supporting state legislative candidates in North Carolina’s midterm elections.

“America’s Goals is a comprehensive set of bold targets to move our country forward,” said Future Now & Future Now Fund Executive Director Daniel Squadron. “I’m excited that hundreds of candidates from across the country—including 18 phenomenal leaders in North Carolina—are joining this movement to achieve America’s Goals, and that Future Now will be able to provide meaningful support to them in 2018 and beyond.”

“North Carolinians are demanding results and accountability from their elected officials—and that’s why my colleagues are joining me in support of America’s Goals” said Representative Graig Meyer. “These Goals represent the values we share across the Tar Heel state, and they include a framework for voters to hold us accountable for getting real results.”

North Carolina’s efforts to elect an America’s Goals majority are being led by Representative Graig Mayer (H.D. 50). Thirteen other incumbent legislators have signed the pledge: Rep. John Ager (H.D. 115); Rep. Carla Cunningham (H.D. 106); Rep. Rosa Gill (H.D. 33); Rep. Pricey Harrison (H.D. 57); Rep. Darren Jackson (H.D. 39); Rep. Marvin Lucas (H.D. 42); Rep. Grier Martin (H.D. 34); Rep. Rodney Moore (H.D. 99); Rep. Marcia Morey (H.D. 30); Rep. Bobbie Richardson (H.D. 7); Rep. Shelly Willingham (H.D. 23) and Sen. Mike Woodard (S.D. 22). Three challengers have signed the pledge: Lowell Simon (candidate for H.D. 52); Gail Young (Candidate for H.D. 83); and Maureen Kurtz (candidate for H.D. 31). Additionally, Brian Feeley of the Alamance County Board of Education and Charlotte City Council Member Braxton Wilson have signed on in support of America’s Goals.

After playing an instrumental role in the 2017 Virginia legislative elections – where nine of its endorsed candidates were among 17 signers of the Pledge to Achieve America’s Goals to take office – Future Now Fund is looking to play a similarly significant role in North Carolina. The group announced last week that other top targeted states will include Arizona, Maine and Michigan.

For the full list of all 210 legislators from all 50 states who have signed the pledge to achieve America’s Goals, click here.

America’s Goals for 2030 is the commonsense platform supported by Future Now, a national policy organization and Future Now Fund, which engages in electoral work. The goals are a set of measureable, achievable targets in seven key areas: good jobs, affordable, quality health care, investing in children, empowering people over special interests, equal opportunity, sustainable infrastructure, and clean air, water and energy.

Overview of America’s Goals

  1. GOOD JOBS – Working families should not be stuck in poverty. This starts with making sure every job provides a livable wage and decent standard of living – allowing Americans that work hard and play by the rules to get a fair shot.
  2. AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE – For years now, Washington’s entrenched special interests have fought about health care as costs continue to rise for working families. We can lower healthcare costs for all and help people live longer, no longer stealing years of life from millions of Americans.
  3. INVESTING IN CHILDREN – Every parent wants what’s best for their children, but too many communities lack the resources our kids need to succeed. From pre-K to higher education, all children deserve a clear path to a brighter future.
  4. EMPOWERING PEOPLE OVER SPECIAL INTERESTS – Corporate donors and special interests are using their financial might to drown out the voices of working families. It’s time we limit corporate spending to protect our democracy and increase voter participation.
  5. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL – America is a diverse society that works best when everybody who works hard can achieve their dreams and build a better life. That’s why we need to end mass incarceration, ineffective and discriminatory profiling, and ensure equal pay for equal work.
  6. SUSTAINABLE INFRASTRUCTURE, RESILIENCE AND INNOVATION – America must rebuild our roads, bridges, airports, and transit to help move people, goods, and services more efficiently and effectively – ensuring America will continue to be an engine of innovation for decades to come. We must build forward-looking infrastructure to protect Americans and our cities from the devastation of natural disasters.
  7. CLEAN AIR, WATER, and ENERGY – We must give kids the same chance we’ve always had to enjoy the beauty of our American parks and wilderness – and be protected from getting poisoned by the air we breathe and the water we drink. And new investments will help reduce working families’ utility bills by transitioning to more efficient and sustainable forms of energy.

To learn more about America’s Goals for 2030 and the in-depth metrics that will be used to measure each state’s progress,


Founded by economist Jeffrey D. Sachs, entrepreneur Adam Pritzker and former New York State Senator Daniel Squadron, Future Now pushes progress toward America’s Goals, with a report card on each state and innovative cost-effective strategies to impact legislators, the media, partner organizations and the public. America’s Goals for 2030 include seven goals with measurable targets for each, focusing on jobs, healthcare, children, good government, equal opportunity, infrastructure, and clean air, water and energy. Learn more at


Future Now Fund supports candidates who push for progress on ambitious, measurable goals in local and state governments to drive nationwide change.


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