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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

EdNC is taking a road trip out west. Our first stop today is in Lake Lure. Look for our reports next week.

The 2015 Brown Center Report on American Education: How Well Are American Students Learning? from Brookings has been released.

Today, at, the head of school at Cary Academy, Michael Ehrhardt discusses the purpose of an education.  Heather Clarkson, the head of the upper school at CA, recently attended the annual conference of the National Association of Independent Schools.  In an email, she noted a panel she attended with four leaders in higher education.  These are the qualities they said they were looking for in college applicants:

  1. Students must be able to interact in a community
    • How does a student engage,  and work collaboratively within differences of background and views?
    • How does a student understand that a book and a teacher are guides; that he needs to be responsible for his own learning?
  2. Students must have perseverance
    • Can the student prioritize, and can he manage a long-term responsibility/commitment?
    • Can the student stick to one thing, not to 25 different things?
  3. Students must have good writing and quantitative skills.
  4. Students must have a healthy life-style (mental well-being) – the speaker noted the alarming increase rates for anxiety and depression among college-aged students.
    • Does the student have a sense of inferiority?  Is s/he self-reflective?
  5. Students must be independent
    • Can the student identify and find the right resources when there is a question?
    • Does the student understand that success in college is on their shoulders?


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Mebane Rash

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