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Distance learning lessons from our teachers of the year

Under the leadership of Mariah Morris, the 2019 Burroughs Wellcome Fund North Carolina Teacher of the Year, a cohort of educators is compiling daily resources for distance learning. It is called T.O.Y. Time.

At 9 a.m. each day, an elementary lesson (grades K-5) will be posted, and then at 9:30 a.m. each day, a secondary lesson (grades 6-12) will be posted on Morris’ YouTube channel. You can find the lessons below.

We will be updating this article with the latest lessons daily. If you are an educator who would like to participate by submitting a video, click here for the guidelines.

Starting March 30, the state Department of Public Instruction and UNC-TV have partnered together to provide programming for students from fourth through 12th grade. This schedule, available both on TV and online, were created to complement existing remote learning efforts from the state’s public schools. If you are looking for pre-K through third grade content, you can access the PBS Kid’s channel Rootle, stream it online, or see the TV schedule here.

Lastly, Best NC has created a page with free remote learning resources. Resources can be broken up by subject matter, provider, and more. See below to help your K-12 students at home.

Grades K-5: States of Matter

Grades 6-12: Avid Strategy

Grades K-5: Creative Thinking Exploration

Grades 6-12: Bracket Challenge Review Activity

Grades K-3: A Fun Day in Literacy

Secondary Math: Exponential Growth

Elementary: Music and Rhythm

Grades K-12: How a Bill Becomes a Law

K-12: Ecosystems

K-5: Is it Magic or is it Science?

Secondary English: Freytag’s Pyramid

Elementary: Spanish-English Bilingual Read Aloud

Secondary English: Creative Writing

Secondary: Film criticism

Elementary: Music time!

Elementary: Figurative Language

Secondary: How do we choose a president?

High school: Poetry

Elementary: Let’s Summarize

Secondary: Environmental Science and Erosion

Elementary: Literacy Lesson

Secondary: Irony 101

Elementary: Junk Box Math

Secondary: Paramecium Playground

Elementary: What is Lichen?

Elementary: Literacy and Art Project

Mindfulness and Relaxation for all ages

Elementary: Literacy Time

Secondary: Stock Markets 101

Secondary: The World of Shakespeare

The Digestive System

PE Obstacle Course for all ages

US History and Our Founding Documents

Elementary: Animal Soup

Teacher Professional Development: Using Canva

Water Insects for all ages

Stop Motion Films for all ages

A Music Lesson for all

Kindergarten: Word Problems

Elementary: A Literacy Mystery

Secondary: How to Write a Memoir

Elementary: How Do We Communicate?

Professional Development: Best Practices for Digital Learning

What is Air Pressure?

Latin Percussion Musical Petting Zoo

Caroline Parker

Caroline Parker is the director of rural storytelling and strategy for EducationNC. She covers the stories of rural North Carolina, the arts, STEM education and nutrition.