Kendall Hageman-Mays

Kendall Hageman-Mays is the Director of Distance Education and Extended Programs at the North Carolina School of Science and Math. In her role she oversees NCSSM’s Online and Interactive Videoconferencing Programs (IVC), Summer Programs, Enrichments and outreach for the school. She works collaboratively with individuals from all sectors and areas of the state to build capacity for collective action with a strong focus on STEM education. Helping to steward NC’s vision of the future, Kendall works with all sectors of the education pipeline including pre-K, K-12, community colleges, private colleges, and the university system. Kendall serves on the Kenan Fellows Advisory Board, she is a 2007-08 fellow of the North Carolina Education Policy Fellowship Program (also serving as co-coordinator from 2008 – 2012) and is a 2009 fellow of the Institute for Political Leadership.

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