The talent pipeline is the key to bringing jobs to North Carolina

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Mark Johnson is the NC Superintendent of Public Instruction. He was an at-large member of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Board of Education, and prior to moving to Winston-Salem, he taught at West Charlotte High School in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools system.

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2 responses to “The talent pipeline is the key to bringing jobs to North Carolina”

  1. travis Dejesus says:

    We did not secure the Toyota – Mazda plant because North Carolina has invested more in partisan politics that worrying about the future of the state. These plants seem to have absolutely no problem with going to South Carolina “Boeing, Volvo, BMW” to name a few. Then what is wrong with North Carolina, the answer is much! North Carolina has chosen to pursue a separate but equal education path by giving charter schools autonomy that public schools would never be permitted to have. Charter schools do not have to provide lunch nor transportation, both things must be provided by public schools. Charter schools are selective about letting in children that have disabilities, learning or otherwise. Public schools must educate whoever arrives at the door. Charter schools have latitude concerning how they approach testing, state or otherwise, public schools do not. Charter school parents may take money away public schools in the form of vouchers / or tax dollars and in the event their child is expelled where do they end up? You guessed right, public schools. With an education system that openly endorses educational segregation I would assume many companies would avoid the “Tar Heel State” and find a more supportive environment south of the border.

  2. Geo says:

    “That truck is what I drove to and from West Charlotte High School every day when I taught there.” I feel it is a bit disingenuous to tout your public school “experience.”

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