Education reforms for North Carolina’s future

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Tim Moore is the Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives. Moore serves Cleveland County.

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  • William Sorenson

    Lies and spin. Teacher salaries, adjusted for inflation and loss of longevity compared to 2008. 5 Years exp. LOSE 4.6% 10 years LOSE 8.8% 15 years LOSE 5.8% 20 years LOSE 7.34% 25 years LOSE 9% and the 30 year teachers you aren’t even paying the same at 2008 levels, they are making 15.68% That is immoral and reveals a lack of character on the part of the entire GA.

    Admin pay: Last year we ranked 50th in the nation and thanks to your bogus merit based system many principals would have lost money. Nice scam you got there.

    Regarding class size reductions: UNFUNDED mandate causing schools to fire PE, Art, and Music teachers. We have an obesity epidemic but you folks kill PE programs by not funding the mandate. FACT

    REgarding More at 4, you folks are funding only enough for a fraction of the kids that could benefit from it, even getting in. Another FAIL.

    Inre School choice, vouchers that are sending predominately middle class white students to private schools is not improving education, it is segregating it. How many folks know that the state’s biggest private voucher recipient has a teacher that was convicted of embezzling tens of thousands of tax dollars, still on the payroll. Nice try.

    Here’s the reality. The GA is funding over $600 per student LESS at the same time there are 8,000 FEWER teaching professionals in the classrooms and over 40,000 MORE students.

    You and King Berger have helped make NC the Anti Education state and you can NOT dispute ANY of my facts. I dare you!
    Bill Sorenson, Candidate for NC Senate and 26 year veteran teacher.