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Teacher pay deserves reasoned debate

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John Hood is president of the John William Pope Foundation, a North Carolina-based grantmaker, and author of Catalyst: Jim Martin and the Rise of North Carolina Republicans (John F. Blair, 2015).

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2 responses to “Teacher pay deserves reasoned debate”

  1. Geo says:

    FYI – Terry Stoops taught in public schools for 11 months.

  2. Andi Webb says:

    I’m glad this is being discussed and would definitely like to see some positive change come with it. Mark Jewell makes very accurate arguments because those are the realities of teaching. I do, however, believe that years of experience and additional degrees should be taken into account, as well as the other areas. Receiving additional degrees takes a significant amount of work and costs out of pocket. Time is spent honing content knowledge and reflecting on your teaching abilities. There is indeed value in that. I know much more about my teaching in my 19th year than I did my first couple. Years of experience should matter too, as they do in many other professions. Taking on additional responsibilities is huge because it’s so time consuming. The mindset must change from regarding teachers as less than professionals to knowing the value teachers play in our society-with equitable pay to go along with it. Other examples-bringing back mentor pay, pay for leadership roles, pay for tutoring, etc. The state continues to require teachers in their first three years to have a mentor. Mentors were previously paid $100 a month to serve in this role. While that is a very small amount for the time it takes to help a new teacher, it at least recognized the role. We continue to serve as mentors but for no additional pay. Mentors play major roles in the effectiveness of beginning teachers. We struggle to have enough trained mentors because many people do not want to-1. Spend numerous hours becoming mentor trained. 2. Spend many hours assisting a new teacher for no additional pay. Teachers definitely need the respect deserved and the pay to match it-pay that allows one to live in a modest home, drive a car, pay utilities, and not have to work a second job. Not too much to ask…

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