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North Carolina: A destination for teachers

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Dr. Terry Stoops is Director of Research and Education Studies for the John Locke Foundation.

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  • travis Dejesus

    Yeah, nice article but it doesn’t complete address the educational disaster that has befallen North Carolina. In-state versus out of state licensure only tells one side of the story. How about the number of teachers who simply did not renew their license? How many teachers retired during those years? How many of those licenses were lateral entry, troops to teachers or teach for America? The fact remains that North Carolina has made it much much easier to obtain a teaching license today than in the past, this would also tend to skew the statistics as well. I have witnessed the pool of teacher talent get weaker and weaker with each passing year. Teach for America used to only place teachers in math and science fields, now they are placing teachers in social studies, English and foreign languages.

  • Kristopher Nordstrom

    This analysis fails to include 13 leave codes that certainly include some number of NC teachers who have ended up teaching in another state: