What is it like being designated as a low performing school?

I am scared that I will not help our students learn.

But all of these fears were the same fears I had on July 1, 2015. Becoming a low performing school has not created these fears nor exacerbated them. They just are.

I want to help our children. I want them to see success. I want them to see growth. I want our good teachers to see that same effectiveness and growth and success. I don’t know how long it will take, but it will not happen in one year, and we will not improve with these requirements as our stimulus. We will improve because we want to do what is right for the children in our school. We will improve because we WANT to, and we have the right team to make it happen. We will improve because our district cares and wants to support our students. We will improve with TIME and consistent expectations for students and staff.

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Carrie Tulbert is the principal of Concord Middle School and the 2014 North Carolina Wells Fargo Principal of the Year.

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    How are you not a title I school? 73% sounds like a lot