Speech by Sen. Phil Berger raises questions about the future of teacher assistants, schools of education in NC

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Alex Granados is a researcher and legislative reporter for EducationNC. He grew up in Raleigh where he attended Jeffreys Grove Elementary School, Leesville Road Middle School and Cardinal Gibbons Catholic High School. Alex graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in journalism in 2005. While in college, he worked for The Daily Tar Heel, the UNC student newspaper, and he interned for The State of Things on WUNC-FM.… Read full bio »

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President Pro Tempore of the NC Senate Phil Berger

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  • JulianVasquezHeilig


  • william Toth

    If we don’t do SOMETHING very soon about this man and his minions, this state is going to sink even farther into the proverbial dark ages from which we may never emerge!

    • Kenneth Berger

      I get no pay raise when Rep are in control. I got many more pay raises under dem control than republican. Wait, I never got any pay raise when democrats were in control either. The state was at the top education in the country when dems were in control. Hmm, well that isnt true either. Tell me again exactly what Dems gave me? Cause the Dems did squat cause they know that have your vote come hell or high water. Rep do squat because they know that they wont have your vote either, so why pander to educators. See the problem there.

      • william Toth

        geez…your last name wouldn’t haveanything to do with your answer, would it?

  • Monica Batts

    Has this man ever spent any time in a classroom? Especially a classroom of 25 kindergarteners. Our NC schools are becoming an embarrassment. It just makes me sad. Help our schools don’t continue to break them.

  • Brian Yarbrough

    So if he gets rid of teacher assistants who does he think he will have to drive the buses? There are already not enough drivers. As for scrapping the teacher education programs…it seems ironic that they were models for other states until recently. I guess it is a matter of opinion. Perhaps he needs to share all this information that he refers to that says Teacher Assistants do not help students learn and the university teaching programs that don’t work. He doesn’t say what “studies” prove this. So these for profit charter schools with no financial or educational accountability will save the youth of NC? Where are the studies that back that up? Unless I heard incorrectly, these private online programs they are pushing are being found problematic in other states like Tennessee and Texas. Oh wait, I forgot…some of our legislators and Governor ( along with their donors) are investors or owners of these private school chains. They propose to cram students in a room with non certified personnel and stick them in front of a computer. Oh and the 7% pay raise went to new people who will bail in a few years because they realize there is no chance for advancement. They have lowered the top pay scale so after 30 years teachers will not make much more than when they started.

    I just hope I can help my boys graduate before they totally ruin the education system. I just fear what my grandchildren will have to go through. For those of you who cannot afford the 15 to 20 thousand dollar a year private schools, you will not see an increase in the quality of education. The vouchers they give only goes up to $4200. Current funding is around $8200 per child. Where is the other $4000 per year going? Not toward improving education I bet.

  • Kenneth Berger

    Nice job of hatchet job on what he said to make it sound worse that he said. He was talking what the best use of our tax dollars was. More TA’s or smaller class size. The author cut that part out of his quote. We know that TA’s do a hard job. The truth be told, smaller class size makes more sense in tax dollars and educational impact of the child than hiring more TA’s. You have to listen to the whole speech and not some author hatchet job of a headline.

  • Donna McBride

    He needs to see a dermatologist. I can recommend one in Raleigh.