A public policy boot camp for students, designed by teachers

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George “Nate” Barilich is an English and film teacher at Enloe Magnet High School in Raleigh. He also serves as director of Enloe Charity Ball leading high school students in local philanthropy. He is a graduate of North Carolina State University, a North Carolina Teaching Fellow, and a member of the inaugural class of Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation Fellows. Nate currently serves as an Executive Fellow at EducationNC. Raised in Onslow County, Nate loves all things Eastern North Carolina: salt water, oysters, and vinegar BBQ.

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2 responses to “A public policy boot camp for students, designed by teachers”

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    • George Barilich says:

      Lady Liberty,

      I am a teacher and a registered Republican. I come from a line of Republicans growing up as a military child in Eastern NC. I designed the boot camp and personally invited multiple organizations to play a part. Students were encouraged to share all viewpoints in a public forum and now have the opportunity to research and write their own claims of policy and exercise their voices as citizens.

      At his book release with John Hood on October 6, which I attended, Republican Governor Martin responded to a question about the current state of the NC General Assembly, “We’ve lost the knack of working together to get things done.”

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