7: Dan Forest: Education and the race for Lieutenant Governor

(Photo Credit: Alex Granados)
(Photo Credit: Alex Granados)

Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest won his office in 2012, facing off against Linda Coleman in a tight race where he won by 0.2 percent, or 6,858 votes. In winning, he became the second Republican since 1897 to be elected Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina.

Forest’s website says that during the course of the campaign, he traveled almost 300,000 miles to all 100 counties in the state. Wednesday, he will be in Cherokee County at Tri-County Early College.

Prior to becoming Lieutenant Governor, Forest was an architect who rose to become a senior partner in his architectural firm.

Forest and his wife, Alice, homeschool their children. As Lieutenant Governor, Forest has been a champion for digital learning, working to position North Carolina as a national leader in connecting classrooms to the Internet and ensuring each child has a school-issued device. Forest attended public schools in North Carolina, and he holds an architecture degree from UNC Charlotte.

Forest’s mother, U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick (R-North Carolina), served in Congress from 1995-2013.

Below, we talk to Forest about the important education issues for the office of the Lieutenant Governor and the state of North Carolina.


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