Ep. 2: Interview with Terrance Ruth

In the second episode of EdTalk, I interviewed Terrance Ruth, a columnist at EducationNC and an alternative school principal. We talked about the realities of working in an alternative school, the impact of race and socioeconomic status on educational achievement and more.

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2 responses to “Ep. 2: Interview with Terrance Ruth”

  1. CharisJoyBeauty says:

    I think you’ve addressed this very well. I like how you responded to the issues of race, discrimination and etc; because our issues with race is before all the current events that have been happening. Also that our men can be successful, they can be more than what is perceived from our race. You are a fine example. Keep leading and being thee example for the youth.

  2. Wil Gadson says:

    Very well done/said, sir. A topic that deserves much more dialogue (plans and action). Identifying successful people who look like them, and encouraging higher education is a great start. Yes, race is also a factor to be considered. No clean cut answer to such a complex topic. Again, well said. Keep rising!

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