Our advisory board engages multiple educators who wish to contribute to the profession by elevating each other, through our instructional practices.

The Instructional DIY platform is educator-driven featuring videos, examples from the classroom, resource documents, curriculum outlines, and research.The instructional content will also be layered with perspectives and live conversation through our twitter @EdAmbassadorsNC. Not only can you find the stories of success in our classrooms rural to urban, coast to mountains, but the EdAmbassadors will provide points of direction for teachers to resources and opportunities available in NC. 

Teacher, administrators, and curriculum specialists, please join our conversation and become a featured educator by sharing your instructional tools of success.


Passion projects: Engaging students in their own learning

One of the greatest challenges for classroom teachers is providing organic opportunities for student agency. When agency is provided, it...


Global education and competency in the classroom

What is global education and why does it matter?  Our world continues to become more interconnected. Through advances in technology,...


How to implement personalized learning in the classroom

When I first heard about personalized learning, I thought, “Here is another great educational breakthrough that we will be forced...


Community Connections: Actively engaging students in building an authentic network within the classroom

The quality of a student’s relationships with teachers and peers is fundamental for the development of academic achievement and engagement....